Spiraling out of control

In the Atlantic, in an article that was published before the white Nationalists came to Charlottesville to protest the town’s decision to remove the statue of General Robert E Lee, the very liberal Peter Beinart was prophetic. He was talking about “antifa” and he said this: (remember, Charlottesville had not happened yet, but various violent fights between left and right had):

…progressives face a choice. They can recommit to the rules of fair play, and try to limit the president’s corrosive effect, though they will often fail. Or they can, in revulsion or fear or righteous rage, try to deny racists and Trump supporters their political rights.
From Middlebury to Berkeley to Portland, the latter approach is on the rise, especially among young people.
Revulsion, fear, and rage are understandable. But one thing is clear. The people preventing Republicans from safely assembling on the streets of Portland may consider themselves fierce opponents of the authoritarianism growing on the American right. In truth, however, they are its unlikeliest allies.

That is a harsh thing to say.   But he illustrates:

Since 1907, Portland, Oregon, has hosted an annual Rose Festival. Since 2007, the festival had included a parade down 82nd Avenue. Since 2013, the Republican Party of Multnomah County, which includes Portland, had taken part. This April, all of that changed.
In the days leading up to the planned parade, a group called the Direct Action Alliance declared, “Fascists plan to march through the streets,” and warned, “Nazis will not march through Portland unopposed.” The alliance said it didn’t object to the Multnomah GOP itself, but to “fascists” who planned to infiltrate its ranks. Yet it also denounced marchers with “Trump flags” and “red maga hats” who could “normalize support for an orange man who bragged about sexually harassing women and who is waging a war of hate, racism and prejudice.” A second group, Oregon Students Empowered, created a Facebook page called “Shut down fascism! No nazis in Portland!”

I remember when Trump was elected, that one of my more liberal relatives was worried that Adolf Hitler had just been elected president of the United States. If you believe something like that, then it is a small step to believe that Trump’s supporters know he is Adolf, and support Adolf’s philosophy. So then any Republican march becomes a Nazi march. And that may be the justification,  for “Direct Action Alliance” threatening violence.

There has been a trend, in recent years, to shut down speech from anyone who doesn’t agree with the general zeitgeist. Just witness what happened to Heather McDonald when she tried to argue that the Black Lives Matter movement is incorrect in claiming that white police are systematically racist :

A throng of angry protesters converged at Claremont McKenna College on Thursday and effectively shut down a pro-police speech as they surrounded the building, forcing the speaker to give the talk via livestream to a near-empty room as they yelled “F*ck the police” and “Black Lives Matter” and banged on windows.
Heather Mac Donald, a Manhattan Institute scholar and author of the 2016 book “The War on Cops,” even gave her talk earlier than originally planned at the preppy and private Southern California campus because of the rowdy crowd estimated at more than 250 protesters, she told The College Fix via email Thursday.
Thirty minutes into the speech, police officers told her to cut it short, and she was given a four-officer escort through a side door and safely through some surprised protesters who had flanked that exit, Mac Donald said.

A danger here is that if you define anyone you disagree with as a Nazi, you will end up not only unprepared for the danger of real Nazis, (like the murderer of Heather Heyer) but you will reduce the willingness of moderates on either side to tolerate each other.

It was surprising to see the signs and hear the slogans of the white supremacists in Charlottesville. Slogans such as “You will not replace us!” and “The Goyim know!”. But when I took a look at the David Duke website (don’t look at it in your browser, safeweb.norton.com has 3 users that say it has malware), I saw some of the beliefs that inspire them.

For instance Duke says this:

those who have promoted massive non-European immigration into Europe and America are responsible for a horrendous increase of victims of crime, including rape, robbery, assault and murder.

And of course he thinks the Jews are responsible. Its an odd feature of anti-Semites to see a monolithic Jewish entity, that is behind the various bad things that happen. The slogan “You will not replace us”, probably means something like: “you Jews will not succeed in replacing the white majority with a anti-white majority.” This thought process does not occur just in American supremacists.  Take Poland:

–To understand the following, you should know that George Soros, who is a Jewish billionaire, donates much money to the NGO’s that ferry immigrants to Europe. George Soros also donates money to outfits that dislike Israel, but the point is —

A new national study conducted by the Center for Research on Prejudice at the University of Warsaw (Poland) notes that a sharp rise in Islamophobia has been accompanied by a distancing from other ethnic groups, including Jews. “The more people are anti-Muslim, the more they’re anti-Semitic,” said Michal Bilewicz, the Center’s director. “They portray George Soros as the embodiment of the Jewish conspiracy that’s helping to finance the influx of Muslims that poses a threat to Christian civilization in Europe.”

That’s just one example.

I think people of good will in the country have to be careful to not let themselves get stampeded by violent extremists into a corner. And we also have to be suspicious of people who say some things we agree with, but have a deeper, more radical agenda than we would knowingly embrace. In fact, various groups who might have protested the removal of the statue stayed away when they realized the makeup of the march.

Conversely, you might want to protest racism, but if you are part of a crowd that has some violent elements that are beating White Nationalists as they are led out of a park, you should at least make an effort to stop the beatings.   It is hard to defend free speech for people who want you dead, or at least expelled, but consider:
Noam Chomsky, who is a hero to the left, recently said about Antifa “It’s a major gift to the Right, including the militant Right, who are exuberant.” Chomsky also said that preventing the speakers from speaking was wrong in principle.

Chomsky is probably right about the reaction of the radical racists. If you want to destroy the existing system, violence is your friend.

But as far as conservatives, they sound quite alarmed.

Here’s a quote by one conservative, Derek Hunter:

What’s throwing a few bags of urine and feces at someone “on the other side?” Especially if you don’t see where it lands or no one sees you throw it?
Bags become fists, fists become bricks, bricks become…
Democrats need to stand up to these radicals. Most of this violence is done in their name, and they’re silent on it.
President Donald Trump needs to stop equivocating and condemn the concept of violence. Trying to deny the KKK and neo-Nazis were dominant in their ridiculous Tiki torch march was stupid, really stupid. It’s just like if you don’t leave when the bricks or the racist or anti-Semitic chants start flying, you’re just as guilty.
There have to be adults on all sides willing to stand up against all these monsters, no matter how they’re labeled. Nazis, Communists, Antifa, whatever – they’re not different. And they’re heading toward something that will be awful if it isn’t stopped.
…It’s contagious. It’s dangerous.
If this doesn’t end soon, this won’t end well.

And he is just one example of people being very worried about violence as a political tactic. The white supremacists will stage more rallies. Antifa will be there. So will moderate types. What do you think is going to happen?

Heather Heyer, hit by a car used as a weapon

Martin Luther King said this:
“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.




A life of not escaping bad guys

Approximately 23.5 years ago, I walked into a police station. The following is from my book “Clues”:

In the station was a policeman behind a desk. “I have a strange story to tell you.” I said. The cop looked interested.
“Try me,” he said.
“I want to report that someone put a drug in a bottle of water that I had with me. I drank it and had a violent reaction to it.”
“Do you have the water with you?” asked the cop. I was stunned. “I never thought of that. I threw it out.” “Where did this happen?” asked the cop. “In my apartment. They must have gotten into my apartment.” “Was there any sign of forced entry?” “No.” The cop took a pen and paper. “Give me some background” he said.
“Well, I’ve been called names and been spit at for years now. Wherever I am, whether Cambridge, Mass, or New Haven, Connecticut.”
“Where exactly does this happen? We could get a squad car to watch you and see what happens.”
“Oh, its very unpredictable.” I said. “It would be hard to follow me close enough and long enough to see anything.”
The cop sighed. “Well then, what do you want me to do?”
“My theory is that there is a movie of some disgusting episode of my life, and that the movie is circulating all over the Eastern Seaboard.”
The cop looked sad. I tried to read his expression. It did not look encouraging….
“What do you do in New Haven?” he asked.
“I have a job programming.”
The cop stopped writing. “OK I have no more questions, there isn’t much I can do for you, I’m afraid.”
I started to leave. “I just felt that someone in law enforcement should hear my story.”
“I understand”
“You should know that there are drugs out there and evil people slip them into other people’s drinks. And this drug had some pretty amazing effects. It raised my sex drive to the moon.”
The cop feigned surprise. “No!”
“Yes. Really. This is a new kind of drug. In fact, this is a new kind of crime.”
“It does sound original.”
I tried to show the implications. “There must be a whole underground crime scene that you are unaware of. This crime must have been committed by scientists. Or by doctors.” The cop said nothing

Now what this policeman did not know is that he has just seen the tip of a huge iceberg.
The iceberg wasn’t a madness in my brain that he had seen a fragment of.
No, it was a new reality of a marriage of crime and technology that makes criminals rich, powerful and invincible.

I’ve talked about this before in this blog, and will not talk about it again, except to say that to fight a crime, you first have to believe it happened and is happening.
Also, you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Essentially this is a failure of law enforcement in the face of technology.

So I was on my own.

The description above, in my book Clues, was an oversimplification of what happened. I had been drugged for a year before understanding what was happening to me, and even then, I only understood it because the “bad guys” wanted me to understand it. But I won’t go into details until requested, (which of course will never happen).

Now think about this situation. You have people coming into your apartment, and they see you as a kind of lab-rat to try drugs on. Some are sex drugs (which nobody ever heard of) and some are various types of brain and body damaging drugs. So the obvious checklist for you to follow is:
1. move to another apartment
2. Tell law enforcement
3. If Law enforcement is not interested, hire a private detective.

Solutions 2 and 3 don’t work, partly because if you can’t get people to believe your story, they are not going to investigate it.

So that leaves #1.

But if you have a Mafia that can spray you with a drug that makes you a temporary zombie (I mean you can you are not conscious though you may remain in a seated or standing position) then they will get your keys, no matter where you move into. Secondly, they are not limited to hitting you in your apartment, they can spray you with any drug in the pharmacopeia in the outdoors, on a train, or indoors, they can spray you from modified cars, they can spray you from modified cell-phones, or whatever their ingenuity can come up with.

So you have a problem.

So you could try to escape. You could get out at night, head for a train or a bus or a cab, end up a thousand miles away, and start a new life.

But there are problems with this scenario as well. To get a job, you need references that can be contacted by your new employer. You need a new social security number. You need a fake resume. And in my case, I am so well known now that I would need a permanent disguise that worked. Disguises are not easy – I asked an expert in New York about that.

So I had to grin and bear it.

I tried sleeping in the attic of my apartment. Their drugs were not stopped by the floor and walls of the attic.

I had to move to my parents house, because they made it impossible to work.

They got into my parent’s house. They have at least one secret entrance to get in. I think they may have done some carpentry when the family was away on a vacation, at any rate, they either hang out in crawl-spaces or elsewhere (I can just guess), when they need to be in the house and undetected.

I have been marinated in gasses in my room.

I can lock myself in a bathroom, but walls don’t keep out poison gas.

I can sleep under the car in my driveway, but they approach when I’m asleep, probably hit me with one of their knockout chemicals to be sure I stay asleep, and then they attack.

I can go into the woods, and take my risks with the ticks, but they find me in the woods.

I can trot off at 1:00 Am down the street, but a car will pass and I will be surrounded by the smell of skunk – and that is before I even make it out of my little street.

They’ve attacked my back, while I’m asleep. after I cycled places that were inconveniently far for them and which let me evade observation for a little while (at least on mountain bike trails) They’ve attacked my feet on nights after I walked in places where they did not want me to walk.

Plus the drugs in general have done a lot of damage. Some of the damage mimics old age, but its not old age..

They won’t let me travel during the week, and I have a very strictly limited range on weekends.

I’m sitting here writing this at 2:00 AM, after being marinated in a nasty concoction on 8/12/2017.

Now surely, you would think – if something this huge is going on, there would be a massive investigation. I would be hidden, alongside with my family, in the witness protection program, and given a new identity.

Fat chance.

There is a movie starring Arnold Shwartzenegger where he is tied up and given a truth serum by the villains. He truthfully tells the “bad guy” how he is going to get out of that situation and kill the bad guy, which he then proceeds to do. I’m telling you the improbable truth too, though in my case, the bad guys win. The truth is unlikely to come out, though you are reading it right now. Reading is not believing, nor should it be.

I should add one more item. I don’t know who developed this technology. But this Mafia is big. There should be a way to infiltrate it.
One problem is that they have drugs that make you talk, which might complicate such an infiltration. I do remember hearing a man outside my parent’s house here, in East Irvington New York, in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know why I had woken up, but I heard him acting as if someone he knew was coming toward him, and then his voice changed to alarm, and a sort of noise you would make when someone does something creepy (Aaah!), and then silence. I think he was from law enforcement. If so, if he had disappeared permanently, there would have been alarms going off left and right, so my guess is he was drugged with something. There is very indirect evidence that they may have suggestibility drugs. Something like this also happened in one night Phoenix, when I visited my younger brother’s ground floor apartment there.

Organized crime has a presence in every state of the union. There is nothing to keep them from living in your suburb and sending their kids to your school. The only barrier to affording a house in the suburb is money, and many criminals, especially with this kind of tech know-how, can afford a house right next to you.

As I said, they are everywhere:

They hit me on the way back from Sedona in my hotel room in Cottonwood for example.

They hit me in the reception area of the lodge at the top of Mount Greylock in Williamstown, Mass. as another example.

There is no escape from the demons in my head – except that the demons in my head correspond to real demons in the U.S of A.

And nobody can do anything about it.

(2nd Edition) (Kindle)

I should say that my name is not Marvin Cohen (its a pen-name) and the book does not make me look good (one reason for the pen-name).  One of the sillier things I did in reaction to the disaster I was in was to distribute a cassette tape defending myself.   The tape dragged in all sorts of irrelevant political material, such as anti-Semitism, Hamas, Hitler, and some popular music.   The book mentions that episode, as well as other unflattering facts.   But remember, I’m telling you here of something YOU have to know about.   Its a now permanent reality. This Mafia includes people from all over – Blond people, dark complexioned people, people from South America, people from North America, whites, blacks,browns – people from either Pakistan or India, and so forth. Many are younger than me, which is not surprising, since most of my life is behind me. Finally, the title of ‘Clues’ suggests that I think I’m a schizophrenic. That is not the case. The people who have heard the story of course do think I’m a schizophrenic. I have had various mental issues at times, but remember the saying that “Even paranoid people have enemies.” It is diabolical.


Are we all hypocrites?

Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Jewish author in Poland (born 1902) who was nonpolitical, but he could not avoid encountering aggressive purveyors of Marxism in his own community. And what he noticed is that though they wanted utopia for mankind, they had problems doing good deeds on a personal  level

Singer found that the personal relations of these Communist friends of the species were always little hells of hatred and discord, and that it could be very disillusioning to follow great reformers of abuses beyond the thresholds of their homes. He soon came to the conclusion that some strange paradox of human nature always led those doctrinally committed to the transformation of mankind to lace the treacle of humanitarianism with the acid of hatred of real human beings.

Singer writes:

My enemies were Jewish youths, fledgling writers who lauded the Russian revolution, already glorified Comrade Dzerzhinski, and demanded death for all rabbis, priests, bourgeois, Zionists, and even Socialists who didn’t follow the Moscow line. I was shocked to see how bloodthirsty Jewish boys and girls had become….

An essayist notes about Singer that:

From his experience of the Warsaw Jewish Communists (including, as luck would have it, his mistress Runya)…Singer drew abiding lessons. Primary among them was the revelation that the pseudoreligious desire to save “mankind” invariably leads to cruelty on a massive scale. …

Singer is not the only person who has noticed a discrepancy in people who regard themselves as idealists for mankind, but who don’t practice it in their every day lives.

In an article titled: “An Environment of Destruction“, Jillian Melchior talks about the protestors against a pipeline in North Dakota. She says that after the protests ended:

The self-proclaimed “water protectors” left behind 9.8 million pounds of garbage, including abandoned vehicles, tents, portable heaters and plastic tubs. North Dakota scrambled to clean up their detritus, fearing contaminated snow would melt and run off into the Missouri River. Some activists also abandoned their dogs, including several puppies, when they left their frigid protest camp. It’s an odd way of protecting the environment.

She also notes that some protestors slaughtered animals belonging to neighborhood ranchers.

This puzzles me. Surely, if you care about our environment and about the Native Americans who live near the pipeline, and you travel a long way to stand side by side, taking on the corporations for a green cause, you must be a well-meaning, idealistic person. But it seems that you can’t even clean up your own garbage, so that those Indians you care so much about are stuck with it!

The same thing was true with “Occupy Wall Street”. The idealists who gathered together near Wall Street and other places to protest the abuses of capitalism must care about the environment – right? Except you read: “Occupy L.A.: 30 tons of debris left behind at City Hall tent city“, for example.

So that raises the question – why is there a discrepancy between the ideals that make people travel long distances to protest, and their everyday practical behavior?

Are these people who they say they are? Or maybe who they genuinely believe they are?
Stanton Samenow, a criminologist who has interviewed many criminals says this about them:

Perhaps the most surprising discovery in my early years of trying to understand the criminal mind was that, without exception, offenders regard themselves as good human beings.  No matter how long their trail of carnage, no matter what suffering they caused others, every one of them retained the view that he is a good person.
How does a one man walking crime wave retain the view that he is good at heart?

So if a criminal can believe he is good, how accurate is the self-image of the rest of us?

We could compare our behavior to our values, but Samenow says this: “I recalled a murderer who would not step on a bug because he could not bring himself to kill a living thing.”

Some of us feel embarrassed when we act like fools, or are bothered by a discrepancy between different beliefs we hold, or are troubled by a discrepancy between the way we act and the way we should have acted. But suppose we don’t see our own discrepancies?

I personally can meet in the same day people who are embarrassed or amused to look at me, people who look at me with affection, even enthusiasm on rare instances, and people who are hostile, and people who don’t care one way or the other.  Since there is a difference of opinion, it raises the question:  Do I know me?  Do you know you?

The Jewish Idea and its Enemies by Edward Alexander (1988)

Wise Guys, Drag Queens, and a movie

I was talking with an old fellow in a park once, and he told me he had a relative in the Mafia. He also told me some facts about the Mafia, including that the Mafia puts nothing in writing.

He is not the only relative of wise guys who I’ve chatted with.

I once read of a policeman whose wife had relatives in the Mafia. Obviously he was not going to turn them in. Its interesting to compare these conversations with the statement of Mario Cuomo, who was governor of New York: “You’re telling me that Mafia is an organization,” he was quoted as saying, as the New York Times reported, “and I’m telling you that’s a lot of baloney.”

Mario’s motivation was to discourage the stereotyping of Italians, but his statement was ridiculous. Not only is there one Mafia, there are many. There is the Albanian Mafia, the various Latino cartels, Arab organized crime, Jewish organized crime, Russian organized crime, Japanese triads, Chinese Tongs and triads, Italian mafias, and more.

These outfits often operate under the surface, so they are the part of an often invisible reality.

If we could read minds, then all these hidden undercurrents that shape our environment would be less likely to hurt us, but we can’t read minds. And this means that as we walk in a city or suburb, we may pass the house of a criminal, or a perhaps the house of a whole spy family from Russia or elsewhere that has been in the country for many years. We could brush shoulders with a member of a sleeper cell. Or a terrorist.

We also can be deceived by ideologues. When ideologues seek power democratically, they know they cannot divulge their entire agenda, because the majority of the country may not like the entire agenda.

People with agendas do try to indoctrinate children. For some years now, California has had mandatory LGBT history classes for all children in public schools, grades K-12, without exception and without the ability to opt out. Michael Brown points out in a column in townhall that “more and more drag queens are reading to your kids in libraries, beginning with kids as young as two.”
This is true, I’ve seen videos of this.

The motives by gays here may be to increase tolerance and avoid stereotyping, but how about leaving little children out of the whole sexual morass? When they are older, they can learn that some people have different sexual preferences. In elementary school, maybe they should learn how to read, write, and in general not worry about how adults get attracted to other adults.

As another example of indoctrination:

In 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, seventh graders in Byron, California, were taught a three-week course on Islam that required them to learn 25 Islamic terms, 20 proverbs, Islam’s Five Pillars of Faith, 10 key Islamic prophets and disciples, recite from the Quran, wear a robe during class, adopt a Muslim name and stage their own “holy war” in a dice game.
…Christianity was mentioned only briefly and negatively, linked to the Inquisition and to Salem witch hunts.
The students were given Muslim names and told to recite Muslim prayers in class. They were required to recognize the Islamic practice of Ramadan by giving up something for a day, and the teacher gave extra credit for fasting at lunch.

Maybe this is in the name of tolerance too, but then why not study other religions as well, in at least as much detail?

A child is not born Jewish or Muslim or Christian, nor Capitalist or Communist, and a one-year old does not know about the history of mankind, or the natural world, or anything of that nature (though studies have shown genetic predispositions to being a criminal, or being left vs right politically). And yet 18 years later, that child is considered old enough to go to war.


At 40, that former child may be sending spaceships into space, or solving genetic diseases, or heading a criminal cartel.

Therefore many of us who think we know the way the world works should realize that we were just a single cell maybe 20, 40, 80 years ago. In another 80 years from now, most of us will be dead, or at least not in good shape.

So lets recap. A newborn child who knows very little about anything may be leading self-righteous marches in Universities just 18 years later, or if he lives in Gaza, learning to fight the Jews for Allah in summer camp at only 12 years.  I’ve seen videos of those Gaza kids engaging in military drills, and they learn their lessons well.

The main reason I’m bringing up the basic fragility of the human condition is that I’ve seen a huge cognitive failure in professionals in various fields who I desperately had to convince.

I had experiences that people thought must be impossible. The experiences were not against the laws of physics, or biology, but they were, supposedly, against the laws of how people behave.

I claimed that a movie of me (very regrettable) had spread over the continent, and to other countries. There were various reasons I believed that, and the punchline is how all those reasons were treated by skeptics, which I will describe.
Here are some experiences I had:
1. I’m standing in the vestibule of a train. A middle-aged man comes to the vestibule. The door opens. Before he gets out, he says to me one emphatic word. “SWINE!”
2. I’m waiting on a train platform at Southport, Connecticut. A young woman and her family are on the opposite platform. She is dressed in white tennis clothes. They look at me. She says: “After seeing him, now I understand the holocaust!!!!”
3. I’m walking past the doors leading into a courtyard at Yale. Two female students are about to go through the doors. They look at me. One says to the other flippantly: “it was terrible what they did to him, terrible, horrible – but he was SO disgusting!!!”
4. I fly to Anchorage Alaska, and go to the local youth hostel. I am recognized. One young man says “I don’t want to even be in the same STATE as him!”
5. Again in a train in Westchester or Connecticut: A young man says out loud in a bitter tone when seeing me “I heard he was breaking all the stereotypes, I should have known!”
6. I’m cycling around Greenwood lake, a large lake west of the Hudson river and a van comes by me and the driver shouts at me with a twinge of humor “You are SO gay!!!!”
7. I’m cycling in Central Massachusetts, and a young man with two young women see me. He puts a protective arm around them. They look at me. “That was a GOOD movie!” he says.
8. I take the Amtrak that goes to White River Junction, Vermont. I get out. Some young men see me. I recognize the look, its getting all too familiar. One gives me a gesture known as ‘the finger’.
9. In addition, I get spit at a couple of times over the years, jeered at a couple of times too. A foreign student at Yale shouts at me “SUBHUMAN!”. A guy in a van in Pleasantville NY says to me “We are going to F****ing (inaudible) to you, you f****ing (inaudible).” And that prediction does come true. (They attack me sexually in my brother’s apartment in New York city.)
10. A few young men sit next to me in the eating area of a mall. They look like nice people. They try to do me a favor, and refer to me in the third person, and discuss the movie in detail. I am grateful.
11. A black woman sees me and says – “It IS real! The movie is real, and he is F***ked!”
12. In the Westwood library near New Haven, a woman says to another – “I like him! Oh, the movie will go on for 100 years, but I like him!”

I’ll stop at this 12th item, because as all sane people know, 13 is an unlucky number. Not that I’m superstitious. of course, that would be irrational. (just kidding).

Now, how does a skeptic handle all this evidence that I supply them with? Simple. They say it is all hallucinations. I am hearing, in other words, what I expect to hear.

Remember, I have no hard evidence. No newspaper stories, no witnesses, no copy of the video (if I ever was able to view it, I’m sure I’d be really disturbed and upset but that’s not the point).

The people who hear this story also don’t believe the motivations. Why would people treat Gideon this way? Why would they be interested in a movie, (my listeners assume I can’t have done anything that bad). They think even if there was a movie, it might be pathetic, but not extremely sickening, and whether sickening or disgusting or whatever, they don’t believe that large numbers of people would share it and look at it for years. Besides, people are moral. They don’t put hidden cameras in bedrooms.

And the joke that I’m in continues. I have become the target of a truly high-tech, widespread Mafia. Remember, I started this post by telling you that there are invisible forces in your environment – three of them being criminals, ideologues, and spies. So I am persecuted. I am bullied. And it is all done in secret.

And I am tired of going to police and not being believed.

My conclusion: There is perhaps something wrong with the way people think. I admit that exceptional claims require exceptional evidence, and it is true that all my evidence is subjective. But I have a nagging feeling that something is wrong with the way the story has been received. There should be something about the truth that carries weight. I guess there isn’t.



Burying inconvenient truths.

Helen Raleigh was born in China. Her father was 9 years old when the Communists took over. When Helen reached college age, her father managed to get the money together to help her get to the U.S. for college. The reason she is really interesting is that she looks at the Mao period (and the period she lived through) with the eyes of complete skeptic.

helenraleigh-300x232I’ll just put a few quotes from her book here:

Chairman Mao, who ruled China, had to be respected. So:

…my mother told me when she went to the grocery store, the store clerk would say:“ Chairman Mao said ‘People of the world, unite and defeat the U.S. aggressors and all their running dogs!’ What can I get for you?” My mother would answer: “Chairman Mao said ‘never to forget class struggle.’ Can you give me a bottle of soy sauce, please?” My parents told me these crazy-sounding practices took place all over China.

She says of Mao’s policies:

Millions of people perished and their voices were never heard; it is difficult to find any traces of them inside the government-sanctioned history books.

You may remember the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. I remember that the young people there raised a Chinese version of Statue of Liberty, but I did not know that:

They also read out a translated version of America’s Declaration of Independence. Like millions of Chinese people, it was my first time hearing those magnificent words of the Declaration: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Chinese government saw this whole protest as a threat, because it was an ideological challenge, among other things. So, according to History.com:

Chinese troops and security police stormed through Tiananmen Square, firing indiscriminately into the crowds of protesters. Turmoil ensued, as tens of thousands of the young students tried to escape the rampaging Chinese forces. Other protesters fought back, stoning the attacking troops and overturning and setting fire to military vehicles.

IMG 0001.JPGMany Chinese today don’t even know what happened, because the ruling party prohibits public discussion and 1989 is banned from textbooks and Chinese websites.

So its down the memory hole, just like the untold stories of the millions who died previously.

And that is one problem with totalitarian systems of government. The masses of people are denied knowledge of major inconvenient truths.

Helen notes something else:

Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union, once explained the totalitarian worldview this way: “We recognize nothing private.” Mao certainly implemented this view to its fullest extent. Why do the communists hate privacy? Because they want to have absolute control of people, and the only way to gain that is to control people’s intimate thoughts and behaviors.

I include that quote because in my experience, American criminals don’t see privacy as a barrier either. My story is horrible, and ongoing, but I’ll skip it here. My point is that this is an interesting link between ideologues and criminals.

To continue: Helen also goes into some gripes she has about the USA:

It concerns me deeply that one of the most obvious unintended consequences of the welfare policies in the U.S. is the collapse of marriages and families. A single woman with a child receives more welfare benefits than if she gets married. How could a low-income young man compete against the all powerful state? Is it any wonder that back in 1963 (before LBJ initiated the Great Society program), only six percent of children in the U.S. were born out of wedlock; yet today, that number has increased to 41 percent— and 53 percent for children born to women under thirty?

That strikes me as very correct. Two examples: My brother told me about a Jewish woman he knew, who was single, not able to attract men, and who wanted a baby. So, she found a male to sleep with, and voila – she was a single mother. Her child will be brought up by herself and the state.  Selfish, no?

A male friend of my brother complained to him that he can only afford one child, but when he goes to the local McDonalds, he sees single-mothers with their many children, all paid for by welfare. And, he adds, “they are MEAN to their children!”

Helen gripes again:

While people in other parts of the world shed blood for individual rights, some people here in the United States have lost the kind of convictions the Declaration instilled, and they blame others for their misfortunes. They turn needs into demands, demands into rights, and rights into entitlements.

I would add that the Western countries have plenty of problems. So there is a valid question which type of system will do better in this century –  Democratic – or ideologically authoritarian. Say what you will about the dictatorships of the Muslim world, but they do have children, and unlike the USA, 40 percent of those are not born to single mothers.

An authoritarian country like China does not have problems with terrorism, at least not the way we do. It is also a powerhouse of engineering, and a “factory to the world.” Its military gets more powerful by the day.

So who will survive – China – or Europe, which to quote one statistic, in total has less missiles than Hezbollah in Lebanon (an Islamic army)?

I’m not saying Helen Raleigh is wrong about the plusses of democracy and free-enterprise I’m just saying the jury is out on which system will survive.


Raleigh, Helen. Confucius Never Said (pp. 198-199).   Kindle Edition.

9 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

In Alice in Wonderland, there is a character (the Queen) who recommends believing six impossible things before breakfast.
Indeed life can be stranger than fiction, there are many developments in real life that no novelist would have thought of, or if he did, he would not have thought them plausible enough to submit to an editor.

Now I’m going to tell you of a real big social force in your environment that you have never heard of.     I will challenge your ability to even read through this post, since my assertions are so far out.  I do not know anyone, including me, who could believe them.

Here they are:
1. Criminals, using a perverted science, have put drugs in my body  for most of the past 23 years.   Now right here, readers will say – “paranoia alert!”.   First of all, if criminals want to hurt you, they don’t spend 23 years doing it.  And so forth.

But read on:
What do I mean by chemicals? Am I talking about too much lead in the paint in my room? Or maybe DDT? Of course not. – Bear with me:

2. Now how were these chemicals delivered into my body and brain? Did I eat and drink them?
Yes and no. There are various ways to get drugs and chemicals into a person. If you are a criminal, one way could be having your date drink something laced with Rohypnol in a bar.
There are non-standard ways: For instance, as just one example, I remember once reading of terrorists who discussed smearing cyanide paste on doorknobs. So one touch is enough to kill the victim.
For a more recent example, there is Syria’s use of poison gas on big outdoor areas.
So if you think about it, where there is a will to do something like this, there is a way.  And one thing I’ve learned about these criminals, they have a huge will to do mischief.  So they pursue avenues that we might think of as petty, and they come out as hugely powerful.

I can tell you, from experience that:
Drugs can be sprayed from cars that have been modified for that purpose.
Drugs can be sprayed by individuals, close up.
Drugs and poisons can be put in a water bottle of a bicycle that has been left outside while the owner went into a store. Or smeared as a paste on the handlebars.
And so forth.   The drugs would have to be very potent in small doses, but nerve drugs often are.

3. The drugs I’ve been hit with included a sex drug.   You might think there are no such drugs.  But why not?  If our urges are mediated by our brain, and our brain cells have receptors for various and sundry hormones, neurotransmitters, etc., and if we know of other urges (like thirst) that can be turned on with peptides, then it can’t be dismissed out of hand that the sex urge can also be turned on (and maybe off).

It gets better: They don’t use just one type of sex-drug. They seem to have researched various aspects of reproduction of the species or maybe of mammals in general. There’s the
tear off the clothes” drug,
the “hug anybody of the opposite gender drug“,
the “expand drastically the relevant anatomy” drug,
and so forth.
They have sleep drugs, — and not just sleep drugs, but “put you into a daze while they do various nasty things” drug. I would surmise that this might be the way they first got my keys.
They have heart damaging drugs.
And these are only the drugs I’m sure of.   There is a possibility they have a “suggestibility” hypnotic drug and the retroactive amnesia drug (any evidence for this is indirect)

I have not yet reached Lewis Carroll’s six impossible things quota, but I’m just getting started.

4. I used to be handsome, according to some people, while others did not notice anything particularly out of the ordinary.

Why is this interesting? Beauty, after all, is skin deep, though Groucho Marx did say that this was “deep enough for him.”
Well first of all, my family members did not ever notice any particular pizazz as far as I was concerned. (One brother did notice, but I’m simplifying). I certainly wasn’t good looking for most of my life. But there was a window of a few years where I was.  And that leads to:.

5. Another interesting aspect. Back in 1994, when the Mafia (I’m guessing its a Mafia, whatever it is, its got a large membership) started with the aphrodisiacs, and other drugs, and sometimes poisons, mixed in, I felt sicker and sicker and looked as bad as I felt. After about a year, the scintillatingly good looks were all gone.

(I no longer saw James Bond when I looked into the mirror.   Nor Cary Grant.  Not Marlon Brando.   Just an ordinary weak looking guy with a bloated nose and big glasses and an increasingly large bald spot and drooping cheeks.    Sob…)
Of course looks may be superficial, but this is almost mystical. Apparently, if you bathe a person in drugs for the purpose of showing him up to be a sex-crazed hypocrite (if that was the reason), you also make something fade that can never come back.
Now why would anyone do all this?
I don’t have all the pieces.  I haven’t interviewed the bad guys.  Neither has CNN.
But if you want to get ready for another impossible thing before breakfast, there is this:

6. a compromising movie of me is loose – that has not only spread across the nation, but to other countries.
As one woman said, (she proceeded to get together with some friends and poison me at one job I had, as well as sabotaging my work in hilarious ways) “He totally GROSSED ME OUT!”.

As another woman said (not at work, this was elsewhere) “He MUST BE KEPT DOWN!” (This one puzzles me – am I ideologically not correct in some way?)

7. Also involved in this story was a young woman who I treated rudely, but never was confronted face to face by her, or anybody else, with what I had supposedly done.  (I would have explained it.) Perhaps that story added fuel to the fire.  As a funny aside, one of the reactions to my saga was a young man who sang at me in an exaggerated sissified way the song “She drives me CRAZY, that long blond hair, she drives me crazy, and I can’t help myself…

8. Other people believed that I had some attractive power over women, in fact one MD-PhD theorized that I didn’t wash enough, so I was giving off pheromones that attracted women like flies. Oddly enough, my impression when I smelled bad was that people made unflattering remarks about my ethnicity.  Maybe I have reverse-pheromones and the MD-PhD had it backwards.

The truth, from what I can see, is that “people”, not just “women”, liked the idea of me to some extent. The idea of some ordinary shmoe who is good-looking and walks in the scenic parts of the nation and seems to be well intentioned does appeal to some people.

It is amazing what a smile from a pretty woman can do. A few such smiles start a myth.  In my experience before this started, people who I hiked with did not find me particularly interesting or even noticeable.   One woman at one of my jobs even said I was a lousy conversationalist.

But the brief bubble of fame also attracts negative attention. Including attention from busy-bodies who feel they have to set the record straight. And guess what they have to set the record straight – a movie!  A disgusting movie!

If I was a psychologist listening to all this, I would write down “the patient presents with paranoid schizophrenia, mixed with delusions of grandiosity, and hallucinations and delusions. Moreover, the patient has sexual compulsions which may make me have to consult with my Freudian colleagues.”

And indeed, just for believing in the movie, I was put in a mental hospital for two months, given ECT, and so forth.
That was not fun at all.   The ECT was tolerable, but the restrictions on my freedom were not.

I remember they had a TV in the mental ward, and one of the patients felt that it should be adjusted to have all the wrong colors.

Another patient, a woman, suddenly shrieked when she looked at me “There’s a fairy on your foot!”

Another patient, a woman, told me I was a Jew! in an unflattering tone.   I spontaneously clipped her on the nose before realizing what I had done, and was later pulled in to explain myself.  After explaining myself, the nurse said sympathetically that this lady had an unpleasant personality.  But a fellow patient, a black man, said to me with disgust “You hit a WOMAN!”.    I guess that’s the only time I’d dare hit anyone – a mentally ill woman.   Courage is not my defining feature.

What about rights?  I once recommended on a forum in a political website that people not take marijuana, which does damage to your lungs, your brain, etc. Opposing responses included one from a person who dug up an article showing that Marijuana actually increases stem cells in one part of the brain, and another who said he had taken the stuff for a few years, and now was a competent computer programmer, so what was the problem, and finally a response from another who said I was just like the many oppressors of mankind – people who they think they know how others should live, and then impose their beliefs.

Be that as it may, my body has been subjected to all sorts of psycho-active and other drugs for years, without any consent of mine at all. Criminals can be quite authoritarian. They don’t look at the world the way others do.  The idea of “rights” doesn’t make much sense to them.   Nor the idea of boundaries.   But they can have their nice side too.  In my case, some of them did not feel I was the type of victim who should be attacked.  However, I was still a danger for them, and a nuisance.

Since they were able to get into my house, they could get at my computer, and could tap the phones.

9. So they controlled my means of communication, which made it easy for them to frame me, when it was necessary, as it became necessary with the woman about whom I shipwrecked my life (Ms. Shipwreck, if you are there, I hope you feel very guilty!). Actually, I didn’t know this woman at all well, in fact, I don’t think in my entire life she said more than 5 words to me.
If there is an afterlife, and Lewis Carroll has access to the internet, and is reading all citations of his book, then he must be holding his head there and wishing he had never written that quote in Alice in Wonderland.  Six impossible things may be OK before breakfast, but my list is worse than impossible.
Now how do we make sense of all of this? I think the best way to look at it is that when you swim among the sharks, its a mistake to cut your finger. There are sharks out there, for instance criminals of various types, ideological fanatics, and so forth. Its best not to have them notice you.
Secondly, I’ve read that such people constantly look for technological tools to give themselves an advantage. They are early adopters of technology, and very creative.
Thirdly, there are totalitarian countries that have the resources to research anything that will give them an advantage over their own people or over other countries. And some of these governments work with criminals. In fact the dividing line between the two may not be all that clear-cut.

So that may be how it happened.

And finally, my movie, and the strange occurrences that occurred around my woman of mystery (no offense, woman-of-infinite-allure, I don’t blame you for this), made me a magnet for the sharks. It was as if I went through the landscape with a sign painted on my back “Kick me!”  (though come to think of it, sharks can’t kick).

So why am I writing all this now? Well I thought I had reached a modus-vivendi with the bad guys, but they hit me again. This was with a different reproductive drug they used, a very annoying one. I kept begging them to stop, they would not stop.   This was a drug that expanded the anatomy, among other things.  I think they wanted to get rid of my hangups.

There is something horrible, but also hilarious about this.  These bad guys see me as someone to take seriously, to take down.  I certainly don’t take myself seriously.  And the whole reproductive thing (I remember one woman saying to another when they ran into me, after both looked straight at me: ‘she wants to sexually compromise  him!!!  I don’t like it!!! I don’t like it!!!!)- strikes me as a barrel of laughs too.  But seriously  I would think that the bad guys could give me up as a bad job and let me finish the last 2 decades of my life in peace.    Given current global trends, their own freedom may be in danger sooner than they think.   The psychopath can have the attributes of a bully – he does not want to let his prey get away with…. well with being left alone.

There is the Gideon who could have been – a chastened, well-meaning computer programmer somewhere who would be taking bike rides on weekends, reading a lot and hopefully minding his own business and remembering the unhappy lessons of “the movie” that he had to learn.

Then there is the Gideon who really was – a vessel for whatever nasty concoction a crew of criminals wanted to put into him. A person who stood by helplessly while the same crew got into his house, with access to his parents. A person who could not, from the criminals point of view, been allowed to get out of their sight. A person who could not, from their point of view, be allowed to have a job.

I’ll conclude by making one point about sanity.  Years ago, I saw a woman approaching who was talking to herself.  It was an animated conversation, and I thought she was eccentric, though harmless.  Then I noticed a cord going from her hair to her pocket.   Closer yet, I noticed there was some kind of headset on her head.   This was in the early days of cellphones.   So a person who seemed to be mildly weird turned out to be normal.  In fact, she was at a tech frontier.   My point is, if you have a missing piece of a puzzle, as the cord was in this case, it can flip your entire interpretation around.   Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken with cannot build a big edifice of explanation to account for the experiences I’ve had.  So they don’t believe ANY of them.   It’s been interesting.

Positive Feedback and the eruption of violence

In general the idea of positive feedback and negative feedback is applied to science, and not to society, but I will indulge in speculation about its role in society.

I remember reading that Western suicide bombers often live in a small world of like-minded types.  They reinforce each other, and suddenly you get enough positive feedback (and no negative feedback), and something extremely nasty ensues.

I’m not sure this self-imposed echo chamber idea is always true, but in the case of Islamic suicide bombers, they will travel thousands of miles from America or the West to join likeminded believers in Jihad, or they will spend time on Islamic State websites.

Positive feedback generally means that some cause causes an effect that then increases the cause.  For example, if you depolarize a neuron, ions rush in that further depolarize it, which in turn lets more ions rush in.  This feedback cannot go on forever, and can be terminated by an increasing negative feedback.

Another example is Climate Change models.  They assume a positive feedback – the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere causes enough warming to evaporate water, which is also a greenhouse gas, which causes more warming, which evaporates more water – until doom approaches.  But there are also negative feedbacks in climate, for instance, if you increase the temperature of the atmosphere, it radiates away the heat into space proportional to the 4th power of the new temperature.

When a chemical explosive is heated sufficiently, some of its molecules will combust, increasing the temperature of the substance, so if the combustion of one molecule releases enough heat to combust ten more molecules, then one single molecule combustion will result in ten, which will result in a hundred, which will result in a thousand, which will result in ten thousand combustions, and so on.   That’s more of a cascade than the mutual reinforcement that I’m suggesting fanatics have.

This is also why a country like North Korea, or Cuba, or Iran, or Nazi Germany, can become so dangerous.  The rulers have an ideology that they want to impart, and they try to remove all obstacles to the acceptance of the doctrine.

  • They may see the family unit as a possible obstacle, and indoctrinate or even remove the children as soon as possible.
  • They will generally censor outside sources of news and opinion.
  • They imprison or kill people who disagree.

So they create an echo chamber, and (for example) suddenly North Korean missiles are available that can reach the United States,  Iranian meetings are started with chants of “Death to America”, and surprised “subhumans” end up in gas chambers or having fiendish medical experiments done on them by Nazi doctors and, more recently, astonished Americans who knew little about radical Islam see passenger jets fly into skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan.

You don’t need to live in a hermetically sealed society though to believe things radically at odds with most of your fellow citizens.  There are many movements that are exposed to the outside world, and yet their adherents still are true believers.   One of the leading Islamic theorists, Sayyid Qutb, was exposed to the Western lifestyle in America, and he rejected it completely.   In America, we also had the Nazi Bund marching in New York and elsewhere before World War II started.  They were marching for a non-democratic system even though their members probably had learned more about Democracy in high school than most students do today in college.


Recently, most Americans were surprised at the election of Trump, including myself.  One reason liberals were surprised was that they often do not read the conservative press.  If they had, they would have seen a volcano building of dissatisfaction with the Obama administration.    There was also a backlash by people, even nonpolitical types, against the censorship by “political correctness” .   Trump somehow connected better with these people than the other Republicans did.   Or at least, he connected with Americans who were uneasy at the excesses of the left, even if they had originally voted  for Obama.
I’ve was surprised by the new habit of shouting people down who should not be controversial at all.  The most recent example I read was of California and the push for single-payer health care in that state – a very lavish package that would include dubious treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic and cost hundreds of billions of dollars.  The surprising part was when a few people raised the reasonable question “How will we pay for this”, they were shouted down!

I was even more surprised when my mother told me a friend of hers had a son at medical school who told his father “please cancel the gift subscription of the Wall Street Journal you gave me.  It appears outside my dorm door and it has made me a pariah here!”


One technique people use to shut out other opinions is to label them as beyond the pale – extremist, hateful, etc.  “Don’t take his opinions too seriously – he’s a ‘trump-hater'” or “Don’t read that book, its published by an extremist publishing house” or “She’s a racist, because she says ‘all lives matter’, not just ‘black lives matter'”   “Antifa” (shown above) seems to feel anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton is a fascist.

People in the United States are creating their own echo chambers.  They talk to similarly minded people, they ignore what the opposition is saying, and they get a positive feedback.   There is negative feedback available to damp down their beliefs, but they avoid the negative feedback.

Thomas Sowell, a black conservative, was asked by Larry Elder (a black conservative with a radio show), whether he was optimistic or pessimistic about America’s future.  He said “pessimistic”, because the schools were not teaching children to think critically.

Consider the following sermon by a Palestinian cleric.  If you are the type who gets news from some American news site, chances are you miss this type of rhetoric.

..Servants of Allah, the White House Satan Trump, who lacks minimal human and moral values, is about to meet the rulers of the wicked mini-states,…

The Muslim prisoners in the prisons of the occupation are on a hunger strike, yet the rulers of Saudi Arabia spend millions on welcoming the head of heresy, Trump. Oh servants of Allah, this is indeed a Crusader war against Islam and the Muslims. Oh servants of Allah, oh nation of Islam, your rulers have taken action, but not in order to support you. Instead, they have conspired against you.

The Traitor of Jordan [King Abdullah] has mobilized his army, not to liberate the place from where the Prophet Muhammad ascended the heaven, but to kill the Muslims in Syria, in order to please his masters.

Oh Allah, bestow upon us a rightly-guided Caliphate in the path of the Prophet soon. Oh Allah, annihilate Trump and the conspirators. Oh Allah, annihilate all the Jews.

This cleric was preaching in the Al Aqsa mosque, only a short walk away from the Western Wall, where Jews often go to pray.  The mosque is right in the middle of Jerusalem, not far from scenes such as this:


So far, readers who I showed this post to have told me it tells them nothing new.  But we could conclude that we do have to be aware of what people who oppose us say among themselves.  The above quote by the cleric (Ali Abu Ahmad) was gathered by MEMRI, which does scan such statements, but only for the Middle East.  We should be aware of the anti-American propaganda in other countries, and in movements in our own country.   What exactly are they saying about us?  If an explosion is building, we have to try to defuse it.

We also have to be aware that some people do not have the moral brakes that the rest of us do, and in some circumstances, they can go down a path through doors that we could not think of opening, faster and faster until a terrible end is reached.