A life of not escaping bad guys

Approximately 23.5 years ago, I walked into a police station. The following is from my book “Clues”:

In the station was a policeman behind a desk. “I have a strange story to tell you.” I said. The cop looked interested.
“Try me,” he said.
“I want to report that someone put a drug in a bottle of water that I had with me. I drank it and had a violent reaction to it.”
“Do you have the water with you?” asked the cop. I was stunned. “I never thought of that. I threw it out.” “Where did this happen?” asked the cop. “In my apartment. They must have gotten into my apartment.” “Was there any sign of forced entry?” “No.” The cop took a pen and paper. “Give me some background” he said.
“Well, I’ve been called names and been spit at for years now. Wherever I am, whether Cambridge, Mass, or New Haven, Connecticut.”
“Where exactly does this happen? We could get a squad car to watch you and see what happens.”
“Oh, its very unpredictable.” I said. “It would be hard to follow me close enough and long enough to see anything.”
The cop sighed. “Well then, what do you want me to do?”
“My theory is that there is a movie of some disgusting episode of my life, and that the movie is circulating all over the Eastern Seaboard.”
The cop looked sad. I tried to read his expression. It did not look encouraging….
“What do you do in New Haven?” he asked.
“I have a job programming.”
The cop stopped writing. “OK I have no more questions, there isn’t much I can do for you, I’m afraid.”
I started to leave. “I just felt that someone in law enforcement should hear my story.”
“I understand”
“You should know that there are drugs out there and evil people slip them into other people’s drinks. And this drug had some pretty amazing effects. It raised my sex drive to the moon.”
The cop feigned surprise. “No!”
“Yes. Really. This is a new kind of drug. In fact, this is a new kind of crime.”
“It does sound original.”
I tried to show the implications. “There must be a whole underground crime scene that you are unaware of. This crime must have been committed by scientists. Or by doctors.” The cop said nothing

Now what this policeman did not know is that he has just seen the tip of a huge iceberg.
The iceberg wasn’t a madness in my brain that he had seen a fragment of.
No, it was a new reality of a marriage of crime and technology that makes criminals rich, powerful and invincible.

I’ve talked about this before in this blog, and will not talk about it again, except to say that to fight a crime, you first have to believe it happened and is happening.
Also, you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Essentially this is a failure of law enforcement in the face of technology.

So I was on my own.

The description above, in my book Clues, was an oversimplification of what happened. I had been drugged for a year before understanding what was happening to me, and even then, I only understood it because the “bad guys” wanted me to understand it. But I won’t go into details until requested, (which of course will never happen).

Now think about this situation. You have people coming into your apartment, and they see you as a kind of lab-rat to try drugs on. Some are sex drugs (which nobody ever heard of) and some are various types of brain and body damaging drugs. So the obvious checklist for you to follow is:
1. move to another apartment
2. Tell law enforcement
3. If Law enforcement is not interested, hire a private detective.

Solutions 2 and 3 don’t work, partly because if you can’t get people to believe your story, they are not going to investigate it.

So that leaves #1.

But if you have a Mafia that can spray you with a drug that makes you a temporary zombie (I mean you can you are not conscious though you may remain in a seated or standing position) then they will get your keys, no matter where you move into. Secondly, they are not limited to hitting you in your apartment, they can spray you with any drug in the pharmacopeia in the outdoors, on a train, or indoors, they can spray you from modified cars, they can spray you from modified cell-phones, or whatever their ingenuity can come up with.

So you have a problem.

So you could try to escape. You could get out at night, head for a train or a bus or a cab, end up a thousand miles away, and start a new life.

But there are problems with this scenario as well. To get a job, you need references that can be contacted by your new employer. You need a new social security number. You need a fake resume. And in my case, I am so well known now that I would need a permanent disguise that worked. Disguises are not easy – I asked an expert in New York about that.

So I had to grin and bear it.

I tried sleeping in the attic of my apartment. Their drugs were not stopped by the floor and walls of the attic.

I had to move to my parents house, because they made it impossible to work.

They got into my parent’s house. They have at least one secret entrance to get in. I think they may have done some carpentry when the family was away on a vacation, at any rate, they either hang out in crawl-spaces or elsewhere (I can just guess), when they need to be in the house and undetected.

I have been marinated in gasses in my room.

I can lock myself in a bathroom, but walls don’t keep out poison gas.

I can sleep under the car in my driveway, but they approach when I’m asleep, probably hit me with one of their knockout chemicals to be sure I stay asleep, and then they attack.

I can go into the woods, and take my risks with the ticks, but they find me in the woods.

I can trot off at 1:00 Am down the street, but a car will pass and I will be surrounded by the smell of skunk – and that is before I even make it out of my little street.

They’ve attacked my back, while I’m asleep. after I cycled places that were inconveniently far for them and which let me evade observation for a little while (at least on mountain bike trails) They’ve attacked my feet on nights after I walked in places where they did not want me to walk.

Plus the drugs in general have done a lot of damage. Some of the damage mimics old age, but its not old age..

They won’t let me travel during the week, and I have a very strictly limited range on weekends.

I’m sitting here writing this at 2:00 AM, after being marinated in a nasty concoction on 8/12/2017.

Now surely, you would think – if something this huge is going on, there would be a massive investigation. I would be hidden, alongside with my family, in the witness protection program, and given a new identity.

Fat chance.

There is a movie starring Arnold Shwartzenegger where he is tied up and given a truth serum by the villains. He truthfully tells the “bad guy” how he is going to get out of that situation and kill the bad guy, which he then proceeds to do. I’m telling you the improbable truth too, though in my case, the bad guys win. The truth is unlikely to come out, though you are reading it right now. Reading is not believing, nor should it be.

I should add one more item. I don’t know who developed this technology. But this Mafia is big. There should be a way to infiltrate it.
One problem is that they have drugs that make you talk, which might complicate such an infiltration. I do remember hearing a man outside my parent’s house here, in East Irvington New York, in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know why I had woken up, but I heard him acting as if someone he knew was coming toward him, and then his voice changed to alarm, and a sort of noise you would make when someone does something creepy (Aaah!), and then silence. I think he was from law enforcement. If so, if he had disappeared permanently, there would have been alarms going off left and right, so my guess is he was drugged with something. There is very indirect evidence that they may have suggestibility drugs. Something like this also happened in one night Phoenix, when I visited my younger brother’s ground floor apartment there.

Organized crime has a presence in every state of the union. There is nothing to keep them from living in your suburb and sending their kids to your school. The only barrier to affording a house in the suburb is money, and many criminals, especially with this kind of tech know-how, can afford a house right next to you.

As I said, they are everywhere:

They hit me on the way back from Sedona in my hotel room in Cottonwood for example.

They hit me in the reception area of the lodge at the top of Mount Greylock in Williamstown, Mass. as another example.

There is no escape from the demons in my head – except that the demons in my head correspond to real demons in the U.S of A.

And nobody can do anything about it.

(2nd Edition) (Kindle)

I should say that my name is not Marvin Cohen (its a pen-name) and the book does not make me look good (one reason for the pen-name).  One of the sillier things I did in reaction to the disaster I was in was to distribute a cassette tape defending myself.   The tape dragged in all sorts of irrelevant political material, such as anti-Semitism, Hamas, Hitler, and some popular music.   The book mentions that episode, as well as other unflattering facts.   But remember, I’m telling you here of something YOU have to know about.   Its a now permanent reality. This Mafia includes people from all over – Blond people, dark complexioned people, people from South America, people from North America, whites, blacks,browns – people from either Pakistan or India, and so forth. Many are younger than me, which is not surprising, since most of my life is behind me. Finally, the title of ‘Clues’ suggests that I think I’m a schizophrenic. That is not the case. The people who have heard the story of course do think I’m a schizophrenic. I have had various mental issues at times, but remember the saying that “Even paranoid people have enemies.” It is diabolical.



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