Wise Guys, Drag Queens, and a movie

I was talking with an old fellow in a park once, and he told me he had a relative in the Mafia. He also told me some facts about the Mafia, including that the Mafia puts nothing in writing.

He is not the only relative of wise guys who I’ve chatted with.

I once read of a policeman whose wife had relatives in the Mafia. Obviously he was not going to turn them in. Its interesting to compare these conversations with the statement of Mario Cuomo, who was governor of New York: “You’re telling me that Mafia is an organization,” he was quoted as saying, as the New York Times reported, “and I’m telling you that’s a lot of baloney.”

Mario’s motivation was to discourage the stereotyping of Italians, but his statement was ridiculous. Not only is there one Mafia, there are many. There is the Albanian Mafia, the various Latino cartels, Arab organized crime, Jewish organized crime, Russian organized crime, Japanese triads, Chinese Tongs and triads, Italian mafias, and more.

These outfits often operate under the surface, so they are the part of an often invisible reality.

If we could read minds, then all these hidden undercurrents that shape our environment would be less likely to hurt us, but we can’t read minds. And this means that as we walk in a city or suburb, we may pass the house of a criminal, or a perhaps the house of a whole spy family from Russia or elsewhere that has been in the country for many years. We could brush shoulders with a member of a sleeper cell. Or a terrorist.

We also can be deceived by ideologues. When ideologues seek power democratically, they know they cannot divulge their entire agenda, because the majority of the country may not like the entire agenda.

People with agendas do try to indoctrinate children. For some years now, California has had mandatory LGBT history classes for all children in public schools, grades K-12, without exception and without the ability to opt out. Michael Brown points out in a column in townhall that “more and more drag queens are reading to your kids in libraries, beginning with kids as young as two.”
This is true, I’ve seen videos of this.

The motives by gays here may be to increase tolerance and avoid stereotyping, but how about leaving little children out of the whole sexual morass? When they are older, they can learn that some people have different sexual preferences. In elementary school, maybe they should learn how to read, write, and in general not worry about how adults get attracted to other adults.

As another example of indoctrination:

In 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, seventh graders in Byron, California, were taught a three-week course on Islam that required them to learn 25 Islamic terms, 20 proverbs, Islam’s Five Pillars of Faith, 10 key Islamic prophets and disciples, recite from the Quran, wear a robe during class, adopt a Muslim name and stage their own “holy war” in a dice game.
…Christianity was mentioned only briefly and negatively, linked to the Inquisition and to Salem witch hunts.
The students were given Muslim names and told to recite Muslim prayers in class. They were required to recognize the Islamic practice of Ramadan by giving up something for a day, and the teacher gave extra credit for fasting at lunch.

Maybe this is in the name of tolerance too, but then why not study other religions as well, in at least as much detail?

A child is not born Jewish or Muslim or Christian, nor Capitalist or Communist, and a one-year old does not know about the history of mankind, or the natural world, or anything of that nature (though studies have shown genetic predispositions to being a criminal, or being left vs right politically). And yet 18 years later, that child is considered old enough to go to war.


At 40, that former child may be sending spaceships into space, or solving genetic diseases, or heading a criminal cartel.

Therefore many of us who think we know the way the world works should realize that we were just a single cell maybe 20, 40, 80 years ago. In another 80 years from now, most of us will be dead, or at least not in good shape.

So lets recap. A newborn child who knows very little about anything may be leading self-righteous marches in Universities just 18 years later, or if he lives in Gaza, learning to fight the Jews for Allah in summer camp at only 12 years.  I’ve seen videos of those Gaza kids engaging in military drills, and they learn their lessons well.

The main reason I’m bringing up the basic fragility of the human condition is that I’ve seen a huge cognitive failure in professionals in various fields who I desperately had to convince.

I had experiences that people thought must be impossible. The experiences were not against the laws of physics, or biology, but they were, supposedly, against the laws of how people behave.

I claimed that a movie of me (very regrettable) had spread over the continent, and to other countries. There were various reasons I believed that, and the punchline is how all those reasons were treated by skeptics, which I will describe.
Here are some experiences I had:
1. I’m standing in the vestibule of a train. A middle-aged man comes to the vestibule. The door opens. Before he gets out, he says to me one emphatic word. “SWINE!”
2. I’m waiting on a train platform at Southport, Connecticut. A young woman and her family are on the opposite platform. She is dressed in white tennis clothes. They look at me. She says: “After seeing him, now I understand the holocaust!!!!”
3. I’m walking past the doors leading into a courtyard at Yale. Two female students are about to go through the doors. They look at me. One says to the other flippantly: “it was terrible what they did to him, terrible, horrible – but he was SO disgusting!!!”
4. I fly to Anchorage Alaska, and go to the local youth hostel. I am recognized. One young man says “I don’t want to even be in the same STATE as him!”
5. Again in a train in Westchester or Connecticut: A young man says out loud in a bitter tone when seeing me “I heard he was breaking all the stereotypes, I should have known!”
6. I’m cycling around Greenwood lake, a large lake west of the Hudson river and a van comes by me and the driver shouts at me with a twinge of humor “You are SO gay!!!!”
7. I’m cycling in Central Massachusetts, and a young man with two young women see me. He puts a protective arm around them. They look at me. “That was a GOOD movie!” he says.
8. I take the Amtrak that goes to White River Junction, Vermont. I get out. Some young men see me. I recognize the look, its getting all too familiar. One gives me a gesture known as ‘the finger’.
9. In addition, I get spit at a couple of times over the years, jeered at a couple of times too. A foreign student at Yale shouts at me “SUBHUMAN!”. A guy in a van in Pleasantville NY says to me “We are going to F****ing (inaudible) to you, you f****ing (inaudible).” And that prediction does come true. (They attack me sexually in my brother’s apartment in New York city.)
10. A few young men sit next to me in the eating area of a mall. They look like nice people. They try to do me a favor, and refer to me in the third person, and discuss the movie in detail. I am grateful.
11. A black woman sees me and says – “It IS real! The movie is real, and he is F***ked!”
12. In the Westwood library near New Haven, a woman says to another – “I like him! Oh, the movie will go on for 100 years, but I like him!”

I’ll stop at this 12th item, because as all sane people know, 13 is an unlucky number. Not that I’m superstitious. of course, that would be irrational. (just kidding).

Now, how does a skeptic handle all this evidence that I supply them with? Simple. They say it is all hallucinations. I am hearing, in other words, what I expect to hear.

Remember, I have no hard evidence. No newspaper stories, no witnesses, no copy of the video (if I ever was able to view it, I’m sure I’d be really disturbed and upset but that’s not the point).

The people who hear this story also don’t believe the motivations. Why would people treat Gideon this way? Why would they be interested in a movie, (my listeners assume I can’t have done anything that bad). They think even if there was a movie, it might be pathetic, but not extremely sickening, and whether sickening or disgusting or whatever, they don’t believe that large numbers of people would share it and look at it for years. Besides, people are moral. They don’t put hidden cameras in bedrooms.

And the joke that I’m in continues. I have become the target of a truly high-tech, widespread Mafia. Remember, I started this post by telling you that there are invisible forces in your environment – three of them being criminals, ideologues, and spies. So I am persecuted. I am bullied. And it is all done in secret.

And I am tired of going to police and not being believed.

My conclusion: There is perhaps something wrong with the way people think. I admit that exceptional claims require exceptional evidence, and it is true that all my evidence is subjective. But I have a nagging feeling that something is wrong with the way the story has been received. There should be something about the truth that carries weight. I guess there isn’t.




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