Are we living in a play where we don’t understand the other actors?

A popular movie came out in 1998 called the “Truman Show”.
Truman does not realize that his whole life is on TV. He is the unsuspecting star of The Truman Show, where since the moment of his birth, he has been filmed by thousands of hidden cameras, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The show’s creator and executive producer Christof is able to capture Truman’s real emotion and human behavior when put in certain situations. Truman’s coastal hometown of Seahaven is a giant set built under a giant dome in the Florida Panhandle. Truman’s family and friends are all played by actors. Truman eventually catches on and then the plot takes off.
There are obvious problems with a plot like this – one problem is that the general populace would not watch a TV show based on a diabolically ruthless deception. But we can ask, how much influence do ruthless people operating in the shadows have on our own lives?
Dome of Seahaven
Dome of Seahaven in the Truman Show
I once had an email exchange on politics with a young Russian man, and in one email I mentioned the Russian mafia. He told me that there were no ethnic Russians in it – only Chechens and Jews were members. Assuming he really believed this, you would think he was missing a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle of reality – namely that a fraction of his fellow Russians are capable of being just as bad as anyone else.
In China, the Falun Gong movement was getting too large to handle for the authorities, and they started to crack down. So a group of adherents went to a government building (the National Appeals Office) to petition. Unfortunately, this attempt failed and many followers of the movement were eventually rounded up and killed, their organs recycled to be used in transplants. According to Ethan Guttmann who wrote a book about what happened to Falun Gong (The Slaughter) to many Chinese their Communist party is necessarily a sort of parental figure – with a good parent and a bad parent – rather than a completely dysfunctional family.
And like the Tiananmen square massacre of Chinese students in 1989, such stories are buried by the government so that future generations don’t even know they happened, and continue in the delusion that they have at least a few reasonable leaders.
(One of our presidential candidates, Donald Trump said this about Tiananmen:

When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak … as being spit on by the rest of the world.

Trump is confusing strength with ruthlessness here, though in some cases ruthlessness does achieve its objective.)

Sometimes ruthless people are very open:
I remember reading of a Mexican pastor who spoke out against the drug trade, saying it just made consumers sick, and should be stopped. He was killed soon after by people who had a financial interest in selling drugs.
Likewise, giving speeches against Al Queda and against Islamic State can shorten your life Samahan_Abdel-Azizdramatically. “The tortured body of Yemeni cleric Samahan Abdul-Aziz, AKA Shaykh Rawi, was discovered on January 31 (2016) in Aden. He had been kidnapped the previous day outside of his mosque, where on January 29 he had delivered a speech denouncing the extremism of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.” He showed more courage than most of us would, because I am sure he was aware of the vigilantes amidst his countrymen.
The anonymous nature of much of the internet helps us understand the world we live in when we get responses from people. For instance, Donald Trump receives death threats, mainly for his desire to stop all immigration of Muslims, and illegal immigration of everyone else. Republican delegates who might vote against Mr. Trump in the upcoming convention have also gotten death threats, this time from Trump supporters.
Apart from death threats, you can be deluged with hate mail. Michelle Malkin, an American conservative of Filipino origin who also wants to limit immigration, has been called all sorts of names because of that stance, including “Subic Bay Whore.” Jan Brewer, former governor of Arizona, has been called “Hitler’s whore” for the same reason.
Apart from politics, there are extra-legal punishments people run into which have nothing to do with beliefs.For instance: John Favara was unfortunate enough to be driving home in the Howard Beach neighbourhood of Queens, New York, when 12-year-old Frank Gotti darted in front of his car on a mini motorbike. Frank died, and five months after the crash, John Favara himself disappeared. Frank was the son of the chief of the Gambino crime family, and when John Favara found this out, he should have gone into hiding. Instead, he made attempts to apologize, and eventually he was murdered and his body was dissolved in acid.

But we all know about organized crime. What about law-abiding neighbors?
There have been cases of people set upon by their neighbors, and often it comes as a surprise to the victims – for instance during the three-month long Rwandan Genocide 20 years ago, 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus died at the hands of their friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
The Holocaust came as a surprise to many Jews in both Eastern Europe and in Germany who trusted their neighbors a little too much. Oddly enough, Vladimir Jabotinsky, a jewish journalist, saw what was about to happen and said in 1937:
I am very much afraid that what I am going to say will not be popular with many among my co-religionists, and I regret that, but the truth is the truth. We are facing an elemental calamity … We have got to save millions, many millions.
Also in 1937 (remember that the World War did not happen until 1939), the New York Times reported:
Anti-Semitism, raised by Adolf Hitler in Germany to the status of a political religion, is rapidly spreading throughout Eastern Europe and thereby turning the recurrent Jewish tragedy in that biggest Jewish center in the world into a first rate disaster of truly historic magnitude.


Movements often are not stopped by borders, and apparently Nazi philosophy did not stop at borders either. Jabotinsky was a rare voice of warning at the time. Perhaps he was more in tune with the trends around him because he spoke Russian, French, English, German and various Slavic languages, and because he was a journalist who had witnessed the pogrom in Kishinev in 1903.
In 1938, he said in a speech in Warsaw:
I have been ceaselessly warning you that the catastrophe is coming closer. My hair has turned white and I have aged in these years, because my heart is bleeding, for you, dear brothers and sisters, do not see the volcano which will soon begin to spurt out the fire of destruction. I see a terrifying sight. The time is short in which one can still be saved. I know: you do not see, because you are bothered and rushing about with everyday worries … Listen to my remarks at the twelfth hour. For God’s sake: may each one save his life while there is still time. And time is short.
I was listening to WBAI – a left-wing radio station in New York where an interviewee claimed that the rise of Donald Trump shows that many Republicans are racist. This shows what this man believes is around him in the undercurrents of the ocean of society.
(A few weeks later, I listened to another diagnosis of the rise of Trump and socialist Bernie Sanders by an economist, Peter Schiff, who claimed the reason was that the American economy is a disaster.) I agree with Schiff, not with WBAI, though the state of national defense probably also contributes to Trump’s support (not to Sanders).

So do we know who the people around us are? For instance, do we know the president who we elected twice?

Our current president has two senior advisors, Valerie Jarett and David Axelrod, both described as “red diaper babies”. Jarrett was raised by parents and grandparents with deep Communist ties, (according to the website “Discover the Networks”). Axelrod wrote this about his father: “In keeping with his bohemian lifestyle, when Dad registered to vote at the height of the Depression, he listed his party affiliation as ‘Communist.’” As for Obama, his mother Stanley Ann Dunham has been described by former classmates as a “fellow traveler.” (of Communism). Obama’s grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham arranged Obama’s mentorship by Frank Marshall Davis who happened to be a member of the American Communist party.
So how did these people get to the top levers of power in the U.S.? What trends propelled them there? Are they, as I think they are, both alarming and alienating a substantial portion of the American people?
You can be oblivious to such trends if you are an upper middle class person who works at a successful company and don’t feel a job squeeze, if your family is intact, and if your news comes from brief glances at progressive TV stations or websites). I still see Facebook posts from such people on how wonderful Obama is. In the town where I live, most families are intact, most are well-enough educated, and crime is not a big problem. But among whites in America, 30 percent of babies are born to single mothers. In my town, we don’t see this. Also we don’t see the alarming rise in the suicide rate among Americans that are approaching retirement age.
Many in this age group are drowning in debt, dealing with out of control medical bills, have saved very little for retirement and are dealing with significant physical pain.
From the larger societies point of view, when things get bad, normal people may believe that only ruthless measures can solve them, and to compound the situation, they may misdiagnose the causes of the problem.
Rudyard Kipling wrote a story about two Englishmen who take over villages in a remote area in Afghanistan. The natives (pagans, not Muslims) are impressed by the adventurers rifles and the lack of fear of one of them (Dravot) of their idols, so they acclaim him as a god.
Foolishly, Dravot decides to marry a native girl. Terrified at marrying a god, the girl bites Dravot when he tries to kiss her. Seeing him bleed, the priests cried that he was “Neither God nor Devil but a man!”
So in short order, very bad things happen to Dravot and his companion.

If we want to be somewhat mystical, we could speculate of a hidden web of invisible laws of conduct – laws that are not enshrined in any book, but if we violate them, we run into a punishment by someone, somewhere, at some point. It only takes a few vigilantes to guide your life in a bad direction. The existence of these “hidden laws” that motivate certain types of people is my speculation, and obviously certain pre-requisites have to be present to make a stranger who you never met take some hostile action against you personally.

But to stick with what appears in the newspapers, lets take two final stories, one from Culver City CA, and one from Seattle:

Sony pictures made a comedy about journalists who score an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The CIA has told these journalists to assassinate him. Before the film could be released, Sony employees seated in a California branch of the company saw a glowing red skeleton appeared on their screens. That was just the beginning. Almost 38 million files were stolen and doled out on file-sharing websites. Files included the screening versions of five Sony films, the script to the most recent James Bond movie, embarrassing e-mails between studio executives and personal information about Sony staff. Plus the hackers released malicious software, or malware, that infected Sony’s computers and was extremely destructive.
Finally the hackers posted a message threatening a 9/11 type attack on theaters that showed the movie.
This shows that when Sony violated law #3672A, section B, (“thou shalt not disrespect the leaders of totalitarian dictatorships”), that such dictators can hit them – hard.

Molly Norris drew a cartoon that depicted the likeness of Mohammed on several items, including a tea cup, a thimble and a domino. She received her first death threat within days.
One was a fatwa that came from radical and influential cleric Anwar al-Awlaki — an American-born imam who lived in Yemen — who said Norris was a “prime target” for execution for creating blasphemous cartoons.
Norris had kicked off controversy in April 2010 with a cartoon that proposed an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”
She disappeared, at the advisement of the FBI, in the fall of that year and has been in hiding since.

She was not sufficiently aware that she was breaking law #7984 Section C (“Nobody – infidel or believer – can blaspheme the prophet”) – and that what she did in Seattle would be judged and condemned in Yemen by an Islamic Imam, and that anonymous enforcers could emerge from the mass of people to kill her for what she said was just an effort to get people to “lighten up.”

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 NOTE: the hackers who hit SONY may have been Russian, not North Korean, but if so, presumably they did on behalf of North Korea.

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