An under-reported war on women

Ann Coulter wants a moratorium on immigration to the United States.  She doesn’t want skills based immigration, she doesn’t want family reunification, she doesn’t want refugees.  She wants it all to stop, now.
To make her case, one of the approaches she takes is to document the horrific behavior toward women that we are getting from some of our immigrants.  I will excerpt 5 stories here (after sanitizing them).  I know that skeptics will say “so what – these cases aren’t representative”.  They are certainly representative of evil though, and that is what this blog is about.  (In her book, Ann tries to document the illegal immigrant crime rate, but she has the handicap that the government doesn’t count it, at least nationally.  She says it is large.)
So here goes:

Story #1:
Zein Isa was a suspected terrorist, so the FBI had a hidden bug in his home, listening to his activities.  His daughter made the mistake of going out with a black boy.  In her parents eyes, this made her a “whore”.  So on the tape, played for the jury, the girl can be heard shrieking as her father says: “Do you know that you are going to die tonight?”.  Then as her Mom held her down, he stabbed his daughter to death.  One of the prosecutors described the tape as “worse than any movie, any film, anything I thought that I would ever hear in my life.”

Story #2:
In 2009, a sixteen-year-old white girl was gang-raped by about a dozen men outside her homecoming dance at Richmond  High School in San Francisco’s Bay Area.  She had gotten bored with the dance and gone outside to call her father for a ride home when a boy she’d known since the seventh grade invited her to drink brandy with his friends in the courtyard.  She agreed, which was a huge mistake.
Over the next few hours, this honors student was gang raped, savagely beaten, and dragged over the concrete by her feet to a dumpster.  The men even urinated on her.

It seems like they hated this girl.  Why?

As the two hour gang rape proceeded, some men watched and cheered.  One witness said “I saw people, like, dehumanizing her;  I saw some pretty crazy stuff…”
The victim survived, but was left with bone fractures, burns, head lacerations.  She was in too much pain for nurses to insert a speculum for the rape exam.
The attackers were all Latino except for one, who was black

Again, why the cheering?  Why didn’t any of the Latinos call the police?  If they had never come to the U.S., and stayed in their home countries, would they treat women this way?

Story #3:
One summer night in June 1993, fourteen-hear-old Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena, who had just turned sixteen, were returning from a pool party, and decided to take a shortcut through a park to make their 11:30 p.m. curfew.  They encountered a group of Hispanic men, who were in the process of discussing “gang etiquette.”. The girls ran away, but one of men, an illegal alien named Jose Ernesto Medellin, grabbed Jennifer and began ripping her clothes off.
Elizabeth Pena heard her friend’s screams, and ran back to help her friend.   This was courageous, but fatal.
For more than an hour, the five Hispanics and one black man raped the teens, beat them, kicked them, stomped on them.  Their teeth were knocked out and their ribs broken.  One of the Hispanic men told Medellin’s fourteen year-old brother to “get some,” so he raped one of the girls too.   But when it was time to kill the girls, Medellin said his brother was “too small to watch” and dragged the girls into the woods.
There the girls were forced to kneel on the ground and a belt or shoelace was looped around their necks.  Then a man on each side pulled on the cord as hard as he could.  The men strangling Jennifer pulled so hard they broke the belt.  Medellin later complained that “the bitch wouldn’t die.”.  When it was done, he repeatedly stomped on the girls necks, to make sure they were dead.
Medellin then bragged about this in front of his sister-in-law.

Again, the question that pops in my mind is “why”?


Jennifer Ertman, Elizabeth Pena

Four days later, Jennifer Ertman’s  father, tipped off that bodies had been found rushed to the scene.  He was hoping his daughter was not one of them.  The police held him back, as he shouted, “Does she have blond hair?  Does she have blond hair?”

Story #4:
I’ve described the case of three young girls who were kidnapped and spent ten years as captives in the house of Ariel Castro.  I did not think of this particularly as a “Hispanic” crime, in fact in another post in this blog, I describe a hero policeman, also named Castro, who rescued people from a burning house under very dangerous conditions.  But Coulter mercilessly follows up:  It turned out Castro wasn’t the only Hispanic raping young girls–on his block.  Elias Acevedo, forty nine, who lived down the block, routinely raped his own daughters when they were children.  He also had raped and killed two of his neighbors. Ann says “All in all, it wasn’t a great street to go trick-or-treating on.”

Story #5:
Marcia Poole was driving through Berkeley when she saw a group of Indian men carrying a rolled carpet to the back of a van.  The only thing wrong with the picture was that a woman’s leg drooped out of the carpet.  Nearby, another Indian girl, this one crying, was being dragged by other men toward the same van.  Poole tried to intervene, but the head Indian yelled at her to butt out of a “family affair.”.  Then the police came, and the Indians scattered.

Reddy – importer of slaves

The head Indian was multimillionaire named Lakireddy Bali Reddy.  He told the police that the girls were his nieces.  The crying girl, he claimed, was a roommate of the others.  They had Carbon Monoxide poisoning, so he was transporting them to the hospital.  The Berkeley police fell for the story, “In a flash of investigative genius Inspector Clouseau would admire, the policewoman on the scene allowed Bali Reddy to translate for the crying girl, who did not speak English.”
Then a high school journalism class decided to investigate the story.  “Not having attended Columbia Journalism School, the young scribes were unaware of the prohibition on committing journalism that reflects poorly on Third World immigrants.”
These young journalists found out that Reddy used H-1B visas to bring in slave labor from India.  Dozens of Indian slaves were working in his buildings, and at his restaurant.  And those girls were Reddy’s concubines that he purchased from their parents when they were twelve years old.  He purchased them for sex.

These five stories are completely outrageous, and beyond any expectation I had when I picked up Coulter’s book.  But can we tar all Indians, Mexicans (and other third worlders) with the same brush?  Of course not!  In my experience, and in the experience of people I know, there are plenty of people from India, Mexico, and Africa that are the soul of honor, and good natured.  Nonetheless, something ugly is also true here, and we should get to the bottom of it.
In more general terms:
The New York Times reports that India is “one of the most unsafe countries in the world for women.”  Mexico, however, outdoes India in the rate of gang rape.  A report from the Inter-American Children’s Institute says that Latin America is second only to Asia in the sexual exploitation of women and children because sex abuse is “ingrained into the minds of the people.”  Women and children are “seen as objects instead of human beings with rights and freedoms.”
According to the Latin American and Caribbean Youth Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (RELAC), 77 percent of reported sexual assaults in Lima, Peru, are against child victims.  And in Argentina it was found in the late 1990s that girls between the ages of ten and fifteen accounted for more than 15 percent of all births.

Ann claims that before the big immigration from the third world that started with Ted Kennedy’s changes to our immigration policies, gang rape and child rape were rare or non-existent in America.  She claims that outside Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S. and Western Europe, most of the rest of the world is a humanitarian disaster.  And that is one reason she wants a moratorium.

Ann Coulter

I agree with her recommendation.  I think we should shut the doors for a while.  Then we should find out how who the bad guys are in our immigration pool, and put them where they can do no harm. This is in the interest of all of us, whether our ancestors immigrated in the 1840s (like some of mine did) or immigrated yesterday.

Adios America – Ann Coulter – (2015)


A Muslim immigrant in Germany who does not feel grateful…

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