Bad guys who love Obama

When Obama was elected, defeating John McCain, a war hero, some of the wrong people were ecstatic.
These included:

Tom Hayden
Tom Hayden

1. Tom Hayden: After his early life establishing SDS, meeting with the Vietcong, wishing “Good fortune!” and “Victory!” to North Vietnamese colonels who killed American soldiers, and vigorously protesting the American system, Hayden went into politics, professional activism, and education. Like Mark Rudd, like Bill Ayers, like Bernardine Dohrn, like Michael Klonsky, Hayden came to view a quick “revolution” of the system as too daunting, if not impossible. He has become much more patient, instead advocating a “progressive” evolution of slower, measured change. Hayden saw in Obama a long-awaited vehicle for “economic democracy,” an instrument to channel an equal distribution of wealth—“economic justice,” or “redistributive change,” as Obama himself once put it. …

2. Michael Klonsky: Klonsky was described by fellow radical Mark Rudd as a Stalinist, too far to the Left even for Rudd and company. Klonsky had been raised a radical. In the 1960s he walked in lockstep with his far-left parents. Eventually, Klonsky, like Mao Tse-tung, bolted from the USSR and Stalin, but not from Communism. Klonsky became head of the New Communist Movement in the United States. He found CPUSA too reactionary for his tastes. The former SDS national secretary followed the Maoist path all the way to Red China, [until it disappointed him by freemarket reforms].

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda

3. Jane Fonda: The endorsement of Fonda, Vietcong cover girl [she posed with a Vietcong anti-aircraft gun that was used to shoot at American planes], prompted Los Angeles Times blogger Andrew Malcolm to opine, “There goes his [Obama’s] crossover vote.” (Of course it didn’t matter, Obama was elected)

It should be noted that Obama ran for president as a centrist, not as National Journal’s most liberal member of the Senate. It worked. As Mark Rudd (another radical) put it, Obama “didn’t blow it.”

But that raises a question. Is Obama a centrist? Is he as leftist as Mark Rudd, Tom Hayden, and the rest? Is he honest in the way he portrays himself?

Lets go back to the radicals.

Klonsky went home to get a Ph.D. in education (University of South Florida) and began looking to the American classroom as the best platform for Marxist dogma. He landed in Chicago—on the same faculty as Bill Ayers. Like Ayers, Klonsky became a professor in the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Education. Klonsky and Ayers have been described as joint “pioneers in small school development.” These “small school” projects were funded to the tune of almost $2 million in grants from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where Barack Obama was chairman of the board [and from other foundations].


in switching his goal from revolution to evolution, Tom Hayden embraced not only politics but also higher education. Like many of his SDS brethren, he now teaches college students… Education is now the common refuge of the ’60s radical Left, which searches always for a new generation of disciples. 

Bill Ayers
Bill Ayers

I remember when Barack’s association with people like Bill Ayers was brought up during the election. It was minimized by outlets such as the New York Times.   But Ayers is still quite radical. This is evident in his own account of his work for Venezuela’s Miranda International Center. Ayers has sat on the board of this Venezuelan government think tank,which…. is, in the words of Investor’s Business Daily, “focused on bringing Cuba-style education to Venezuelan school children.” He made at least four pilgrimages to Venezuela during the time that he and Obama served together on the Woods Fund and Annenberg Challenge.

Obama’s career in politics was launched in the living room of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, both members of the sixties “Weathermen”, an outfit that was unabashedly Communist, and very nasty – to the point of trying to blow up soldiers and their dates at a dance.

The Times is not unbiased itself.  Paul Kengor found the following item about its current editor: Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. in a 1999 book by Susan E. Tifft and Alex S. Jones, The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind the New York Times:
Pinch was asked by his father, Arthur “Punch” Sulzberger Sr., a simple question: “If a young American soldier comes upon a young North Vietnamese soldier, which one do you want to see get shot?” Pinch responded without hesitation, saying this was “the dumbest question I ever heard in my life.” He answered: “I would want to see the American get shot. It’s the other guy’s country.”

When Obama won the situation was more ironic than people realize.  Paul Kengor writes:

The symbolism was too extraordinary for words—a powerful reminder that Cold War battles were still very much with us. Obama ascended the platform after a gracious John McCain, a Vietnam veteran whom the comrades had once grouped into a category of “fascist pigs,” conceded the election. The revolutionaries once proudly wore rings hammered out of the downed aircraft of McCain’s imprisoned band of brothers, who were suffering unspeakable hell in places like the Hanoi Hilton. McCain’s own aircraft had been shot down; one of the radicals may well have worn debris from his plane. The defeated Republican represented what they had always fought against.


It’s interesting how perception governs us.

John McCain
John McCain

McCain is old, and doesn’t look very strong, which is not surprising, given his sojourn in a Vietcong prison. He is soft-spoken. He does not inspire crowds the way Obama does. When asked whether McCain or Obama would make a better “James Bond” (the daredevil spy character) former James Bond actor Daniel Craig said this. “Obama would be the better Bond because — if he’s true to his word — he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe to toe with them. McCain, because of his long service and experience, would probably be a better M,” he adds, mentioning Bond’s boss, played by Dame Judi Dench. “There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain.”

Columnist Mark Steyn responded to this sarcastically:

Oh, great. John McCain has survived plane crashes, just like Roger Moore in Octopussy. He has escaped death in shipboard infernos, just like Sean Connery in Thunderball. He has endured torture day after day, month after month, without end, just like Pierce Brosnan in the title sequence of Die Another Day. He has done everything 007 has done except get lowered into a shark tank and (as far as we know) bed Britt Ekland and Jill St. John. And yet Daniel Craig gives him the desk job.

Now of course none of the above means that Obama is as radical as the Weathermen. And some people who were radical in their youth do moderate when they get older.  And just because you might have some bad guys rooting for you to get elected, does not make you a reflection of them.

But we know that these radicals did some very bad things, or tried to, and still identify with systems of government that have killed many innocent people for having the wrong beliefs. We also know that Obama spent much time with Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of the CPUSA, that he associated with Bill Ayers, and according to John Drew, who was a Marxist student at Occidental College when Obama was there, Obama was a Marxist at the time.  It is one thing to be associated with people who want radical social change, it is quite another to be associated with people who want to see your country defeated.  Is the inner Obama more like Bill Ayers – or like Franklin Roosevelt?  There is a world of difference.

Mark Steyn in:

Kengor, Paul (2014-04-08). Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century (Intercollegiate Studies Institute.)

Meeting Young Obama – by John Drew in American Thinker:


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