German villagers and Black South Africans share bad logic?

libya-refugeesRecently I was listening to a black-community radio station, which is on the left politically, and a guest was being asked about the attacks against immigrants in South Africa. The guest evaded that topic, and instead talked about the growing knowledge among average South Africans that Wall Street owned the nation’s wealth. A few days later, I was surprised to read of the same logic in Germany. I read that a small rural German town was being flooded with refugees from the great movement across the Mediterranean to Europe of Arabs and Africans fleeing war and poverty. The people of that town (Grillenberg) were naturally upset. In that town, an anonymous flyer landed in local mailboxes: a plan hatched by “international high finance,” it warned, was placing refugees deliberately in the countryside to destroy “our culture’s last areas of retreat.”

I actually feel sympathetic to all sides in both stories. I can understand why immigrants come to South Africa, and I can understand why poor and unemployed South Africans make the mistake of blaming these people for their own poverty. I can understand why refugees from war and poverty want to escape to the green shores of Europe, and I can understand the Europeans not wanting to be inundated.

However, I think the two news-items I mentioned do show a fallacy in how people think. They attribute too much “purpose” to events that happen for many different reasons, and then they assign that purpose to the Jews (or more diplomatically “International Finance” or “Wall Street”.)

And I have to ask myself – since I live only 30 miles away from Wall Street, and read the Wall Street Journal, and often read matters of Jewish interest – why have I completely missed the projects of International Finance to steal the wealth of South Africa, and destroy the last holdouts of German culture?

There is bad logic and unsupported assumptions here – both in the mind of at least one person in that town in Germany, and in South Africa. In South Africa immigrants are getting murdered because of a lack of understanding in the minds of the murderers of how wealth is created – and of course some nastier human traits are involved as well.
Whoever wrote that flyer in Grillenberg probably thought that the Jews want to avenge themselves on Germany, or harm German culture, and so are getting revenge by somehow controlling the German government so that it distributes foreigners to their town.
Sometimes paranoid thinking is encouraged for ulterior motives – as with a “documentary” broadcast repeatedly on Turkish TV claiming a Jewish plot to destroy Turkey, with one of the Jewish masterminds of this plot being Charles Darwin (Darwin was a Christian who in later life became an agnostic). Supposedly the Jews use Darwin’s theory to assert that everyone evolved from Apes, except them, who were created by God. (In reality, religious people, including Jews, often have problems with evolution, though not always. And the bible says that all humanity descended from Adam, so that would seem to contradict the assertion as well).

Leaving Turkey for Christian Europe, I find that there are also ideas in Hungary that foreign Jews are meddling in their lives. Apart from the dull depressed feeling this gives me (being Jewish), there seems to be a basic flaw in the logic here somewhere.

Sources: (on Turkey) (on Germany)


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