Who are YOU afraid of? A thought experiment for finding the Mafias around us..

If you want dig below the surface of everyday life, ask yourself – what are you afraid of?

I will list a few examples that I believe do reveal something:
On March 29, 1995, a four alarm fire on the east shore of Manhattan burned down a structure in the Fulton Fish Market and if I recall correctly, businessmen walking though midtown and elsewhere stared at the smoke and ashes in the sky. It is thought that this happened because Rudolph Giuliani, who was then U.S. attorney in Manhattan, filed a lawsuit, alleging Mafia control of the wholesale fish industry operating out of that market, and the Mafia family involved decided to burn some papers.

Normally, the Mafia likes to operate in the shadows and does not advertise itself, but this was quite an advertisement.

Then there was the tragedy of the movie “American Me”

Two of the most dangerous street gangs of East L.A., Il Grande Hazard and MC Forceros, called a truce to allow director Edward James Olmos to shoot the movie on their turfs.
According to 60 Minutes (1968), three people who acted as consultants on this film were later murdered because of the depiction of a homosexual rape scene that reportedly deeply offended the Mexican Mafia’s machismo.

You have to step carefully if you make certain kinds of movies.

For instance, I doubt that any Hollywood producer would make a film ridiculing Muslim terrorists. He might make a film ridiculing businessmen, or Christian fundamentalists, but not Muslim terrorists.

I suppose that its obvious that we don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention from ruthless criminals, or religious types who like the idea of cutting heads off.

But who else are we afraid of?
Consider this quote:

Owen Patterson
Owen Patterson

Owen Paterson, who was British secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, wrote this in the Telegraph, July 20:

It has been a privilege to take on the challenges of the rural economy and environment. However, I leave the post with great misgivings about the power and irresponsibility of—to coin a phrase—the Green Blob.

By this I mean the mutually supportive network of environmental pressure groups, renewable energy companies and some public officials who keep each other well supplied with lavish funds, scare stories and green tape…

I soon realized that the greens and their industrial and bureaucratic allies are used to getting things their own way. I received more death threats in a few months at [the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] than I ever did as secretary of state for Northern Ireland.

So this is surprising. At least to me it is.


Obama bumper sticker
Obama bumper sticker

Before Obama’s initial election, I wanted to put a satirical bumper sticker on the back of my mother’s car. Obama’s campaign had a slogan “change we can believe in” so I created a bumper sticker with different words: “Saruman/Voldemort – change we can believe in”. (Saruman is the wizard who out of spite, mis-rules the peaceful hobbits in the shire and does as much damage as he can before he is stopped (from the book “Lord of the Rings”), and Voldemort is the evil wizard from the Harry Potter stories.)
My mother, who is ideologically on my wavelength, did not want that bumper sticker on her car, but it was already attached. She was afraid of her car getting vandalized.
Perhaps by coincidence, two weeks later, the car developed problems and was in such bad shape that we gave it for free to our garage mechanic.
The point, however, was my mother’s fear, which revealed what she thought of some Obama supporters in the community.

A friend of my mother, who built a mansion in a bucolic area outside of New York, was asked by an architecture magazine to let them write an article on it. He declined, because he was afraid that if there was an article, people would know he was wealthy, and someone might kidnap his child.

Maybe it is frightening to be an outspoken leftist in the U.S. However, given that I generally read books by conservative (i.e. small-government) types, I found this:

Jan Brewer
Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer, who was governor of Arizona, tried to pass a bill to deal with illegal immigration in her state. The amount and intensity of opposition that SB-1070 aroused, including a lawsuit directed by President Obama against Arizona, and bus loads of demonstrators coming into Arizona’s capital, showed that the issue really hit a nerve. Jan was called “Hitler’s daughter” and “Satan’s Whore” and names that can’t be repeated here. Jan’s father had fought the Nazis in WWII, and she says that in that war the pilots who delivered the bombs had a saying: “If you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target.”
Jan caught so much flak that something basic was exposed about American society.

Michelle Malkin, whose ancestors came from the Philippines, is a conservative columnist. She is also against illegal immigration. She says this:

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

The fact is, “slut” is one of the nicer things I’ve been called over 20 years of public life. In college during the late 1980s, it was “race traitor,” “coconut” (brown on the outside white on the inside) and “white man’s puppet.” After my first book, “Invasion,” came out in 2001, it was “immigrant-hater,” the “Radical Right’s Asian Pitbull,” “Tokyo Rose” and “Aunt Tomasina.” In my third book, 2005?s “Unhinged,” I published entire chapters of hate mail rife with degrading, unprintable sexual epithets and mockery of my Filipino heritage.
If I had a dollar for every time libs have called me a “Manila whore” and “Subic Bay bar girl,” I’d be able to pay for a ticket to a Hollywood-for-Obama fundraiser. To the HuffPo left, whore is my middle name…
…..Or when MSNBC misogynist Ed Schultz called talk show host Laura Ingraham a “talk slut” for criticizing Obama’s petty beer summit. Or when Playboy published a list of the top 10 conservative women who deserved to be “hate-f**ked.” The article, which was promoted by Anne Schroeder Mullins at Politico.com, included Ingraham, “The View’s” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, former Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and others. Yours truly topped the list,…
And then there’s the left’s war on Sarah Palin, which would require an entire national forest of trees to publish.

How could this possibly be? People who are for immigration are tolerant likable folks who embrace diversity! Aren’t they? And environmentalists are – for the animals – like Bambi, and Smokey Bear, and for the wild rushing waters, and the wild scenery (which they are busy covering with windmills)!

And surely, if you are an aspiring movie maker – well this is a free country, you can make a movie on anything you want – right?

Brendan Eich
Brendan Eich

There’s more, of course. The co-founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, lost his job because he opposed “gay marriage”, for instance. And again, the death threats:

Police are investigating a pair of threats against gay marriage opponents in Maine.
Marc Mutty from Stand for Marriage Maine says a threatening voice mail message was discovered Monday morning at campaign headquarters in which a female caller said, “You will be dead. Maybe not today, not tomorrow. But soon you’ll dead.” Police in Yarmouth are investigating.

How can that be? “Gay” people just want to be left alone to love who they want to love, don’t they? They are about love, not death threats, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world respects your right to disagree with them, and not everyone will resort to rational debate to change your mind. And those people can be dangerous. They have a fire in the brain, I guess.

1. Jan Brewer’s book “Scorpions for Breakfast
2. Owen Patterson’s ‘the Green Blob‘ is quoted from the Wall Street Journal at: http://online.wsj.com/articles/notable-quotable-the-green-blob-1407366963
3. Michelle Malkin and the names she has been called at: http://michellemalkin.com/2012/03/07/the-war-on-conservative-women/
4. The Mexican mafia kills consultants of a movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103671/trivia (apparently the jail-rape scene was put in just to discourage viewers from a life of crime, but the Mexican Mafia looked at it as a depiction of them, and they did not like it.  See also Wikipedia on this).


One thought on “Who are YOU afraid of? A thought experiment for finding the Mafias around us..

  1. These people are democrats and leftists for anyone that hasn’t figured it out. They are the biggest most intolerant haters of all and projection is their sick game.

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