Patterns in denial of evil

There are several examples of denying evil going on right now, in the year 2014, and observers have noticed a pattern in how the denial works.

I’ll take two clear-cut examples of evil and how it gets denied afterwards.

Number One:

On July 13, 2014, a mob of thugs descended upon the Synagogue de la Roquette in Paris, trapped the congregation inside, and tried to break in while brandishing deadly weapons.

One of those trapped was a woman who, perhaps for fear of reprisal, asked to be identified only as Aurélie A. Her testimony, translated in Tablet, describes a horrific scene.

Initially mobbed outside the synagogue, she sees one of the “protesters” “shouting ‘Death to the Yids!’” She quickly realizes “the magnitude of the situation… They’ve surrounded us… We hear cries everywhere… I see firearms fly… I even see a man with an axe.” The outnumbered French police, either terrified or simply uninterested, barely get her safe inside.

Stuck in a besieged Synagogue
Stuck in a besieged Synagogue

But “here we can no longer get out… the pressure inside rises. There are elderly people who feel oppressed, there are women who start to cry, in some places the volume rises. Then the first wounded… EMTs…” She looks through a window and “I saw as in a prison what was happening outside. More cries! They are still there… There are now hundreds!”

….Another eyewitness described how the crowd threw “stones and bricks at the building, ‘like it was an intifada.’” A Jewish leader said that the attackers, “had rocks, glass, axes, knives… they were armed and I made sure that no one would leave the synagogue, in order to protect the lives of our people.”

At long last, the thugs are brought under control, and the congregants are escorted out by Jewish defense organizations “in small groups, escorting each of the faithful.”…

“Yesterday,” one woman noted upon reflection, “a part of my love for France left me.”

Now this seems to be a straightforward situation. So how does this get denied?

Benjamin Kerstein tells how:

Far-Left groups supportive of the demonstration, including the American hate site Mondoweiss, made two claims that have always been made about pogroms [mob attacks on Jews]: First, it didn’t happen. Second, maybe it might have possibly happened, but it was the Jews’ fault.

They claimed that the pogrom was, in fact, nothing more than a street fight, and was instigated by the LDJ [Jewish Defense Organization], something blatantly contradicted by eyewitnesses in and outside the synagogue, including Azria, who wrote that the pogromists “splintered off the main protest and headed to the synagogue. The Jewish defenders saw this because they were monitoring the demonstration and followed to put up a defensive fight.”

Every pogrom in history has had its defenders. Slaughters like Kishinev have been called mere peasant uprisings, justified assaults on the Jews who economically exploited others, or attempts to “fight back” against the Jews who supposedly run the world. …

CRIF, the umbrella group for French Jewry, said that these attacks are passed off as inter-communal clashes…

“We never saw such hatred and violence as we witnessed in Sarcelles,” said the mayor of that town about another incident. “This morning people are astonished and the Jewish community is frightened.” … lots of Jewish stores were burnt; the pharmacy, bank, tramway…the town has been really devastated.”

“They were shouting: ‘Death to Jews,’ and ‘Slit Jews’ throats,’” David, a Jewish sound engineer told The Times. “It took us back to 1938.”

OK, so you get the idea.

Now evil Number Two – here in the USA

Colin Flaherty in his book White Girl Bleed a Lot, says that there have been hundreds of episodes in the past few years of groups of black people roaming the streets of America, and physically attacking whites who have done nothing to them.

“But the local media and public officials are largely silent about the problem. ‘Crime is color blind’, says a Milwaukee police chief. ‘Race is not important’, a Chicago newspaper editor assures us.”

Colin gives many examples, and often backs them up with videos that you can view by scanning from his pages with your cell phone.

“Along with the violence, it is amazing how often the videos feature laughing and mocking that would never make it into a movie script because it is too pathological to believe. Truth is stranger than fiction, because truth does not have to make sense.”

In Chicago, after weeks of black mobs rampaging through the downtown, the superintendent of the police said he figured out who was to blame for gun violence: Sarah Palin! (a conservative governor of Alaska who ran for Vice President).
One comment often made is that black violence is routine, and people only notice it when it targets whites or Asians. And Asians are indeed targeted, which is odd if you see this as a response to slavery and segregation.
But this just means that there is even more black violence that is under-reported, and that is not exactly encouraging. And from Colin’s examples, I do think there is a racial motive.

“The denial is deep, so is the intimidation from those who do not wish anyone to talk about this topic.”

“Deniers always say the same thing: One, it does not exist. Two, here is why it does exist.”

Black mobs attack you even if you consider yourself a liberal and very anti-racist. In June of 2011, Emily Guendelsberger , the editor of “Onion Magazine” (a lifestyle guide for the hopelessly hip complete with gratuitous shots at Sarah Palin) were out for an evening of fun in Philadelphia. A crowd of more than a thousand black people assaulted her. One of the rioters told another victim that night, “it’s not our fault you can’t fight.” The attacks that night were very violent. The boyfriend of the editor of the Onion was brownish colored, and he was attacked too, which proved to Emily that the attacks were not racially motivated.

The newsmen had video footage of the attacks which showed that all the attackers and looters were black, but no one had the nerve to actually say it.

In some of these attacks people are left with permanent damage, sometimes brain damage, and sometimes they die. They can be stomped on, raped, kicked in the head.

The attackers can be admired football players in colleges. In fact, it was said of one victim of an attack by these types that he would have probably taken the players who attacked him out to dinner at ‘Red Lobster’ just so that he could tweet that he ate lobster with Eddie Williams, Tyler Hayes, etc.

One black radio talk show host said the riots that “young people were to blame, not black people.” This seems to be denying the blackness of the perpetrators. But then he followed up with “when an African American commits a crime”, he said, “society is looking to define race. When Lochner shot [Congresswoman] Giffords, nobody said “what is wrong with white men?” This isn’t a black or white issue, they need things to do.”

Colin is withering: “It’s classic, they didn’t do it. Here’s why they did it.”

Umar Lee – a writer and boxing coach in St. Louis who refreshingly faces the problem says that:

if you raise your children to be victims, they’ll be victims as adults. Who do they attack? The elderly, the poor at the bus stops, immigrants, weak yuppies, the Woody Allen crowd, pencil neck geeks on their iPhones. Why? Because they won’t fight back. they’re looking for an easy victim. The root of the problem, in my opinion, father’s not raising their children.”

So what can we conclude from all this?

There are some similarities between what happens in Paris and Philadelphia. Politicians and police who want peace will not want to tell things the way they are. Large violent mobs are scary. And supporting the mobs is a big block of sympathizers and voters behind them.
And also, my guess is that there is the desire not be racist or cause racism.

I would argue that coverups do no favors to the blacks in America, or to the Muslims in Paris.

Good people will just observe the big disconnect of what they are told by their media, (and by their government), versus what they experience and what their friends experience. So they begin to not respect either the government or the media. If you want to prevent racism, you have to deal with unpleasant realities. Perhaps reporting honestly on what is going on would increase racism in the short-term. But not reporting it is worse.

The excuse makers will say that the attackers are deprived of money, or alienated by the people around them, but it can be more complicated. For instance, of one Jew-killer in Paris, his brother said: “My parents raised you in an atmosphere of racism and hate, My mother always said: ‘We, the Arabs, we were born to hate Jews.’ This speech, I heard it all throughout my childhood.”

Parodoxically, the journalistic avoiders of racism miss the racism under their nose:
The mobs that gathered to spew genocidal hatred across Germany were “largely young, with both immigrants and native Germans…. Politically they span the spectrum, from German neo-Nazis to Marxist anti-Imperialists, from secular Palestinian nationalists to Islamic fundamentalists.”
Another quote: to reinforce that:

“Hate speech and incitement to violence against Jews are flying at light speed across the Internet. A recent article in the Times of Israel described the travails of those who moderate comments on major French websites. In regard to Israel and the Jews, 90-95 percent of comments have to be blocked due to violent and racist content. “We see racist or antisemitic messages,” said one moderator, “very violent, that also take aim at politicians and the media, sometimes by giving journalists’ contact details.” Another chillingly noted, “Calls for murder are our daily life. It’s sometimes hard psychologically for our moderators.”

In my view, perhaps the moderators should NOT remove the racist messages by these people, people who probably see themselves as victims.

It is often said that many Muslims are peaceful, and many blacks are peaceful too. I would agree with that. Some of the best people in the United States happen to be black. I’ve met really nice Muslims too (though apparently many are anti-Jewish, according to an article by Hirsi Ali). But there are too many blacks who believe a good time is beating up Whitey or Yellowy or Browny with their friends. As for Muslims what we see in France is going to come here. Its already starting in some of our universities, especially in California.

The question is, when are we dealing with something new and big and ugly, or when can we shelve it under categories we already are familiar with. Is the Muslim violence in France just due to youths letting off steam – or maybe just the local version of a foreign conflict that was imported onto French territory but which doesn’t affect the average Frenchman? Are the attacks we see on whites from state fairs in the Midwest to the big cities just actions by a few bad black youths who don’t represent something bigger? In the case of random black on white attacks, remember- this kind of thing did NOT happen in the 1950’s. And black families hung together in the 50’s.

I really don’t want to believe the scarier – more radical interpretation. But what I want to believe is irrelevant. Something new IS happening. Should I deny it to others, or to myself?

Should you?

Sources:    jamon-kerstein-the-global-pogrom/
White Girl Bleed A Lot – Colin Flaherty (2013)

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

For some reason I can’t understand, the lady pictured at left, Sarah Palin, seems to become the butt of all sorts of jokes by my liberal acquaintances, and shows up twice in the above blog, once as supposedly the cause of black violence. Also, as far as France goes, the socialists who currently run it have a dilemma with all this anti-Semitism and the dilemma is explained by a Frenchman here:


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