Green Energy Kills People

Consider the following four items:
1. In England, the Mail reported on Sunday, February 12th, that large numbers of its elderly citizens are being “frozen to death as fuel bills soar.” England is covered with wind turbines, which prove unreliable and incapable of meeting its energy needs.
2. The prime minister of the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Green party member Winfried Kretchmann, states: “We must bring out way of life in line with the basics of the planet. With our economic model, we damage the planet”. So far Germany has decided to phase out all nuclear plants, and some companies are already worried about the possible need for moving operations overseas, because of tiny micro-outages that can damage production.
3. The British “Energy Intensive Users Group” warns that rising energy prices and government climate change policies will drive energy intensive industries overseas. Such industries produce ceramics, glass, steel, chemicals, composites etc.
4. The EU has an Emissions Trading scheme, which is literally killing people in places like Honduras, where 23 farmers were allegedly murdered when they tried to recover land they claimed had been illegally sold to palm oil plantations to obtain carbon credits. In Uganda, armed troops killed children and burned houses in the process of seizing land for reforestation.

So we have old people freezing to death, children being murdered, and jobs being lost due to “green” idealism. And are we actually saving the planet in the process?

Civil Defense Perspectives – Sept 2011 (publ by Physicians For Civil Defense, Tucson) for the Uganda and Honduras info.


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