My experience with evil, or “The movie”

I am going to tell you my experience with evil, but first I will ask you to imagine a scenario. Imagine you walk every day to work, and on the way, some students from the local college call you names, say some sentences that are unprintable in this blog, and treat you with disgust and hostility.

What would you think of these students?
Now let’s make it more interesting. Suppose that you have behavior in your past that you ashamed of. Suppose that if it were exposed, everything you were seeing would make sense.
Now what would you think is going on?
But then again, you might say to yourself – “look, what is done is done, I can’t change the past, and after, all, I didn’t hurt anybody else, I didn’t involve anyone else in my behavior, and apart from 3 regrettable years of my life, the rest has been reasonably decent.”
Still, you might understand the reaction you were getting.
Now imagine that the “regrettable behavior” of yours was caught on film, and that is why these students react so strongly – they haven’t just been told about it, they’ve seen it, with all its visual impact!
OK, you make allowances, you don’t hate these students, and you run to another college town 150 miles away to get a job.
But then, guess what happens.
The movie hits again!
You are called “subhuman!” You hear conversations such as “Its terrible what they did to him – but he was SO disgusting” You are told sarcastically that “you are such a martyr!” you are told you are a “swine”. You are told you are a “faggot”. You are jeered at. People give you the “finger”.
Still, you understand.
But the movie gets bigger, and bigger. It reaches your parents home town. It spreads like a virus.
Now, you start thinking. You say to yourself – surely there are other disgusting people in the world? You notice in the newspapers such items as that your local police chief was caught with a prostitute.  You read about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. You learn about the “hook up culture” in some colleges.  You read about the 40% of American babies who are born to single mothers. You learn all sorts of sleazy things that go on – in the athletic world, in the military, in colleges, etc.
Now of course you realize that not all Americans behave this way. However, you do ask yourself the following question – “if so many people dislike me, why aren’t they getting excited about all this other stuff?”
You can walk in that university town, and the majority of people you encounter treat you like anyone else. They have never heard of you. But then again, there is that significant minority who have, and express themselves in no uncertain terms. You ask yourself how many subcultures there are in a given town, and how “below the radar” items such as “the movie” get communicated in one subculture, but not in others.

Now the reader might say “if there is such a movie, why haven’t I heard of it. And what proof does ‘gidmeister’ have that the movie exists?”. My proof is various things people have said to me, and to each other, over the years.  Others have mentioned the movie amidst their words of hostility.
None of this evidence would stand up in a court of law, and nobody has given me a copy of the movie. But life isn’t a court of law.

As far as “why haven’t you heard of it” – that’s more interesting. I don’t really know. It is a sociological question.

Now it gets more ironic. There are people who belong to subcultures that have lots and lots of sex. And they noticed me too. And they also decided they didn’t like me. So I actually got sexually assaulted.

You might think that I would be fed up with America at this point. I am not, but what I have learned is that there are many people who pass as normal, but they have serious character flaws that can come out. These flaws include sadism in a few, an unwillingness to help people in trouble in a lot, a lack of proportion in how they see the world in many of them, and for some, a lack of effort in getting the truth about an issue before reaching conclusions about it – conclusions that contribute to really hurting a person who never harmed them.  There are also people who will attack you – though you have done nothing to them.  As one black man said to me: “We will annihilate you!”
That is also why I created this blog.


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