Killing Britney Spears – Why Islamic Terror Is Unappeasable

After spectacular attacks on the U.S., England, Spain and other countries by Moslem terrorists, there is a debate on their motives. Are they just concerned about perceived injustice in Israel, Afghanistan, Kashmir etc. or is there a violent dynamic inherent in their religion. In the former case, reasonable adjustments could be made, but in the latter case, there is no solution.

Aaron Klein
Aaron Klein

Aaron Klein, a conservative Jewish personality, is one of the few people who has extensively interviewed terrorists.

This is what he heard:

“Once Islam Dominates America, anyone living inside must abide by our rules. There is no choice. You don’t like it? too bad. Go somewhere else and go to hell.”

“The Jews are corrupting humanity on earth. They are the source of all the problems in the world, and yes, they should be removed.”

“Eventually there will be a Muslim in the White House dictating the laws of shariah!” – Faheed, a 23-year-old student leader of the Moslem Student Association, speaking in Queensborough Community College in Queens.

Moslems want to change our way of life: For instance:

“Hamas’s Sheik Mamad explained Islamic law enforcers would at first try to persuade American women to cover their heads, but eventually females would be forced. Those women who refuse may be stoned.”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Terrorists call songsters Madonna and Britney Spears “prostitutes”: Abdel-El says “Their music video clips will be forbidden and these whores Madonna and Spears will be thrown in jail until they admit they made sins and return to the moral way. If they don’t they will be stoned to death or eighty times hit with a belt.” and “If I meet these whores I will have the honor–I repeat, I will have the honor–to be the first one to cut the heads of Madonna and Britney Spears.”

A would be suicide-bomber called Ahmed says “Every time somebody else dies as a martyr in a bomb attack, I pray for him but I feel jealous. I want to be where he is now…”

Aaron does not believe that “despair” is what drives terror. He says he heard a CNN correspondent say that the Israeli occupation creates despair in the territories that many say leads to such suicide attacks.”
So Aaron asked about it from the source:
“I asked Abu Ahmed about CNN’s claims about despair as a motivation. He balked, actually calling it “Israeli propaganda”

rosie o donnell
rosie o donnell

America has its celebrities that sympathize with what they believe are the motivations of the terrorists.
For instance, Rosie O’Donnell on The View said American shouldn’t fear so-called terrorists, calling them mothers and fathers.
She also suggested the WTC was brought down in part to destroy documents incriminating oil giant Enron and other major corporations.

Aaron tells this to the terrorists who applaud the statements. But: “Then I broke the terrorists’ hearts and informed them their beloved Rosie is also a big outspoken lesbian.”
The terrorists said Rosie can only move to Gaza if she ceased her “Satanic ways” and agreed to abide by the rules of Islam regarding sexual relations.
‘Let her still come,’ said Adassi. “We will teach her the right ways. She is already on the right path.”

Hamas’s Abu Abdullah says “About your so-called war on terrorism, how can you fight an idea? Of course your government is the biggest terrorist gang in the world, Israel is the second, and Great Britain is the third.”

Says Mosaab: “anyway, you are fighting Al Qaida, which represents Allah’s will. You fight for your own materialistic reasons. But Al-Qaida and insurgents and the Palestinian resistance is fighting for Allah..”

Al Aqsa’s Adassi says “After we put aside that you are the terrorists and we are resistance movements leading a legitimate religious war that will not accept any compromises, I must say how foolish it is of Bush (president of the U.S. at the time of the interview) to launch a war against something called terror.”

Another question is whether Islamists have a regional agenda – for instance, Hamas would be satisfied by getting all of “Palestine”?
Islamic Jihad’s Abu Mosaab says: “We are in World War Three, The Americans are doing everything to prevent Islam to emerge as the world superpower and you are carrying out a policy of injustice against Muslims.”

He also says “Yes, we all need to fight the jihad locally. Yes, there is Shia Hezbollah and Sunni Hamas. My goal for now is to liberate Palestine. In Iraq, the mujaheedeen must rid the region of American occupation…. But its the same fight. The defeat of the anti-Muslim world.”

(as a side note Aaron says)
“I have talked countless times off-the-record to terrorists about U.S. politics. And one hundred percent of the time the terror leaders favored the Democrats over the Republicans.”

But Aaron’s main take-home lesson is this:
“We now accept as fact that the major gripes the global terrorists have with us are our troops in the Middle East and our support for Israel, when indeed their problem is our existence, our freedom, and our values, and the fact that we stand in the way of their creating an Islamic universe.
“When you get down to it, the terrorists’ lines of thinking are delusional. When terrorists tell me a targeted nightclub filled with teenagers really was a meeting place for Zionist and American secret service agents. or watermelons imported from Israel are infected with the AIDS virus to kill Muslims; or Jews secretly control… the world’s churches its hard to talk to the jihadists with a straight face.”

Does Aaron think that religion and ideology excuse these people, who were after all willing to talk to him over tea? No:
“I stared into the eyes of men who carry out shootings and rocket attacks and send suicide bombers into civilian population centers. These people are pure evil. There is not an ounce of humanity in their bones.”

My own take on this (I am the blog poster) is that pressures on Israel to give up the West Bank will not make Islamist countries like Iran give up nuclear bombs as former U.S. president Bill Clinton suggested. It will not stop the motivation of the suicide bombers. It will not stop Al Qaida. And the polls in the Moslem countries show there is too much support for the Islamist ideas. We are in much greater trouble than if the motivations were based on land disputes.


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