When God Destroyed The Human Sex Drive

god shoots lightning
god shoots lightning

And thus saith G-d, the Lord of Hosts.

“I have decided to destroy the Human Sex Drive”.

And the world was shaken by thunder and lightning.

And the human sex drive disappeared.

Shortly after, the Venereal diseases, including AIDS, dropped to almost nothing.

The pornography vendors all became unemployed.

In the Moslem world, women were allowed to go around without being covered up from head to toe, because they were no longer sources of temptation.

Outfits like “Nambla” (the man/boy love association) had to close their doors.

The serial killers opened their basement dungeons and let their captive sex slaves loose.

Homosexuality stopped completely.

The abortion industry almost vanished.

The welfare burden of single mothers with unwanted children dropped to almost nothing.

Women were no longer abducted off the streets of Russia for the sex trade.

And the lord looked at his handiwork, and it was good.

But then the people complained. All the unemployed prostitutes, pornographers, pimps, strip club owners cried to the lord – “what shall we do for a living!”

The editors of the gossip magazines also cried out to the Lord.

But the rest of humanity had lost all memory of sex, so they started taking a walk into the sunlight.

The only downside was that humanity disappeared completely in 100 years, but as the archangel Gabriel said – thats good for the ecology.
And on the seventh day, G-d rested.


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