Leftists With A Death Wish

In his book, “United In Hate”, Jamie Glazov tells the following story. “I have known some of these leftists for years, and after the fall of the Soviet empire, many of them bitterly lamented to me that the “alternative to capitalism” was now gone. A significant number of them retreated into a silent and sullen shell.
“Then came 9/11.
“Almost overnight, these individuals underwent a miraculous transformation. A bright sparkle could once again be detected in their eyes, as their souls came out of a deep slumber. Never had I seen them so happy, so hopeful….”
In other words, there are people among us who grow up in America, are treated well by America, and rejoice at the deaths of thousands of Americans.
Jamie Glazov tells the stories of the political pilgrims who were attracted to the various totalitarian utopias, and he says that in the case of “Lenin”, for example, “the believers worshipped him not despite but because of the terror he inflicted.”
It might be hard to believe this, but when we look at the leftists who justify the perpetrators of 9/11, when the murder was out in the open, or who justify suicide bombers who kill teens in Israeli discos, we see that they understand the murder is taking place, and that doesn’t stop them.
The Soviet dictator Stalin starved millions of Ukranians to death, but the New York Times man in Moscow, Walter Duranty, knowingly lied about it to his American readers, saying the village markets overflowed with food. His lies were so effective that when Malcolm Muggeridge, a British journalist, managed to visit the Ukraine and wrote about the holocaust there, he was not believed. Muggeridge’s reports, which included descriptions of peasants kneeling in the snow and begging for crusts of bread, were ridiculed. His reputation was so badly damaged that his paper, the Guardian, fired him. But he was telling the truth.
Duranty was an outcast in his own society, a drug abuser with a wooden leg who engaged in satanic sexual orgies. Glazov says: “In his alienation, he dreamt of finding a home in an adversarial society. In Stalin’s Soviet Union, he found one to which he could submit.”
Various Hollywood celebrities have gone to Cuba to meet with Fidel Castro. Glazov describes one item about Cuba: During the Vietnam war, Castro sent men to run the “Cuban Program” at the Cu Loc POW camp in Hanoi. The Cubans tortured Americans, sometimes to death.
So put this image in your head, an American with “his body ripped and torn everywhere”, with an enraged Cuban torturer whipping a black hose into his face, and juxtapose this with the following comments:
“Cuba’s own Elvis!” – which is how Dan Rather described Fidel.
“One of the world’s wisest men” which is how Oliver Stone described Fidel.
“A genius” said Jack Nicholson.
Naomi Campbell said meeting Castro was “a dream come true!”
“The greatest hero to appear in the world since the Second World War” said Norman Mailer.
Steven Spielberg visited the father-god in Havana in the fall of 2002. He called the meeting with Castro “the most important eight hours of my life”.
Nauseating, huh?
Leftists also flocked to Nicaragua, when the Sandinistas took control. The Sandanistas had a punishment for political prisoners called “chiquitas”. These were dark cubicles with a surface area of less than one square meter. These cubicles were too small to sit up in, were completely dark, and had no sanitation and almost no ventilation.
So juxtapose in your mind the picture of multiple prisoners in these cubicles, with the following: religious figures like the Berrigan Brothers, William Sloane Coffin, and also leftists like Bernard Sanders (the socialist former mayor of Burlington Vermont) and assorted others like Jessica Mitford and Linus Pauling coming to identify and even strategize with the Sandanistas. And think of presidential candidate John Kerry, who spearheaded the effort to deny funds to the Contra fighters who were opposing the regime.
All this comes from the book “United in Hate” (though the comments are mine).
One very revealing fact about some of these leftists is the embracing of radical Islam, even though the Islamists support the execution of homosexuals and the subjugation of women. You wonder how they can posture about human rights in the U.S. and then turn around and ally themselves with people like these.
One example is Lynne Stewart, the attorney for the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was convicted, despite her best efforts, and then she assisted in conveying a message from the sheik to his followers in Egypt encouraging them to resume terrorist activities. Glazov notes: “It is particularly telling that it was only after her indictment for abetting his terrorist plans that she was inundated with invitations to speak at universities and law schools.”
One other item about Ms. Stewart – at the National Lawyers Guild convention, she condemned the U.S. for its “poisonous” imperialism and raised a glass to her heroes “Ho and Mao and Lenin [and] Fidel…”
Glazov says “there is a powerful yearning in both ideologies (Leftism and Islamism) for the submergence of the individual in a collectivist totality.”
Glazov’s book is an attempt to explain these people. He goes into motivations, psychology, etc.
In this blog though, I will just say that we should be aware that people who preach to us about the sins of the U.S. and the lack of equality etc. can turn around and link hands with and adore people who are guilty of much greater sins, and we should also be aware that many of these people have a hatred of the land that gave them more freedom and opportunity than they could get almost anywhere else.
We can also think of them as busybodies. They admire people like Mao who impose the same shapeless uniform and same uniformity of thought on the masses. They want to inflict their coercive ideas on the rest of us.
And they are in our midst.


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