Paying the Gestapo for murdering your sister

The actress Paulette Goddard was married to German author Erich Maria Remarque, author of All Quiet On The Western Front.  After he died, she found a bill for 60 deutsch marks among his papers.  It was a demand for payment from the Gestapo for the cost of executing his younger sister, who was beheaded for remarking that Hitler would not win the war.

To us, this may seem incomprehensibly nasty.  But lets look at it from the Gestapo point of view.  Anyone who challenged the regime in any way, especially in a way that hurt the war effort, must be a traitor.  A despicable, contemptible traitor.  Such a traitor was not worth the money required to kill that traitor.  And her brother, who had written a novel on fighting in WWI that made the war seem somewhat unnecessary, was suspect anyway, and he should learn a lesson.


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