Going On The Offensive vs Antisemitic Website “Jewwatch.com”

There is a website called “Jewwatch.com” which is supposed to chronicle every bad thing the Jews ever did.  It blames Jews for Communism, for controlling media, for murdering Palestinians, for sex slavery, and more.

Now I’m a Jew, and rather than go on the defensive here, lets go on the offensive.  So lets call this blog entry “NaziWatch”.

“In May 2000, fifty-five years after the collapse of the Third Reich, the following letter was published by the newspaper Die Welt. It was addressed to the editor:”

“Dear Sir,

I would be interested to know how many books were burnt by the Nazis in 1933 and how many by democrats in 1945? I would also like to know how many robberies there were per thousand inhabitants under the Nazis and how many today. How great was the danger under the Nazis of a girl being raped after going dancing, and how great is the danger today? How many songs and poems were learnt by schoolchildren under the Nazis and how many now? What were the chances of an elderly person being offered a seat in a bus during the Nazi period and what are the chances now? How many pres­ents were made by children for their parents, grandparents—and how many today? How many women married in white, how many marriages stayed intact, and how many today? How many drug addicts were there under Hitler—and how many now? How many work-shy, subsidized by the gainfully employed, existed in those days and how many now? How long should this list continue? Germany has reached a cultural nadir and the situation will not improve as long as we leave it up to neo-Nazis to point out the good aspects of the past…’”

“The correspondent was not a notorious historical revisionist, nor a front man for the likes of David Irving. He was not even speaking for an embittered older generation trying to explain how, as a young German back in the 1920s or ’30s, he came to support Hitler. No, the letter writer was giving voice to a new mood, a sense that the Nazis did address some of the needs of the (German) peo­ple—whether personal, through the provision of work and leisure, or national, through the revival of Germany’s pride. And that Hitler’s policies presented an alternative and sometimes preferable approach to the world.

The letter writer’s voice is not alone. As the survivors of the Third Reich years die, as the concentration camps crumble and the physical evidence of the Holocaust fades away, so it will be easier to steer the discussion in this direction. It is still easy enough to answer the letter writer.”

“No books were burnt in 1945. Even the banned Mein Kampf can be bought in second-hand bookshops in Germany and is read in libraries, imported from abroad. The crime rate, in Berlin at least, was substantially the same in the 1920s, 1930s, and late 1940s. If anything, crime increased in the chaotic last years of the Reich; rapes and burglaries were common in the blackout as general law­lessness spread. As for drug abuse, cocaine was snorted in the 1920s and 1930s as frequently as it is today. One of the leading members of the Reich, Hermann Goring, was a morphine addict.

The Nazis’ supposed “morality” was utterly hypocritical. Members of the leadership, such as Joseph Goebbels, professed their attachment to Aryan family values, but led totally immoral personal lives rooted in serial adultery and promiscuity. Martin Bormann’s wife wrote to him detailing her approval of his choice of mistress. As the Reich’s borders spread, plunder and looting of art­works and valuables, both state-owned and personal, were rapidly institutionalized, pure theft by any other name. And, of course, the letter writer’s idyllic world was bought at terrible cost—to Jews, to non-Germans, and Germans who opposed the Nazis. Whatever order and discipline existed under Hitler was built on a compre­hensive system of slave labor and concentration camps.”

(The above comes from the book “Seduced By Hitler” by LeBor and Boyes)

The Nazi regime did not bring out the best in people.  As “Seduced By Hitler” says,

“for loyal citizens of the Third Reich, it was open season on everyone from business competitors to unwanted rivals in love, as the case of the Konigsberg shopgirl, in love with her boss, who denounced his wife for passing food to a Jewish friend. Such wishes could be grandiose, involving the construction of massive economic empires based on plunder and slave labor, or more mundane, such as killing local Jews by hand for personal satisfaction.”

“To some extent, the Germans terrorized themselves. A large part of the Gestapo’s work,  was not involved in combating threats to the stability of the Nazi state, but rather of processing the denunciations pouring in from “good, law-abiding Germans,” who used the system to try and resolve old personal scores, grudges, and even disputes with neighbors. So prevalent was this at one stage that the Gestapo had to threaten the denouncers themselves with arrest for wasting their time on irrelevant matters. This was not confined to Germany.”

Now crime has gone up greatly in Europe, as has hate crimes, and the increase in both are largely due to Moslem immigrants.

But as Christopher Caldwell, in his book “Reflections On The Revolution In Europe” says  “It is even less clear that the rightist parties that exist to­day are especially preoccupied with Islam. In France, the National Front (FN) founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, made up largely of ex-Communists and whites stranded in heavily immigrant housing proj­ects, is known for its anti-immigrant, anti-multiculturalist rhetoric. But its stance is more ambivalent than it looks. Le Pen has at times taken pains to court the votes of Muslims and other immigrants, mostly by trying to convince them that he shares Arab foreign policy views on Israel and (more recently) Iraq. Le Pen was Europe’s most ar­dent defender of Saddam Hussein throughout the period between the two Iraq wars, both of which he strongly criticized.”

“The Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), which entered the Austrian government in 2000, did something similar. The main foreign policy interest of its late leader, Jorg Haider, during his time in the interna­tional spotlight, was to strengthen ties with the dictator Moammar Gaddafi in Libya, in return for which Gaddafi hectored Europe to get over its guilt about its Nazi past and to keep “its eyes on the interests of its people and not those of the Zionist system.”

“The European political landscape does include extremist parties that sow hatred and focus almost exclusively on immigrants, the most important of which is probably the British National Party. But it is a fringe party. The BNP controls a handful of local offices in northern England and southern neighborhoods such as Bermondsey, a Labour stronghold in southeast London where the number of foreign born rose 155 percent in a single decade.”

“But even on the extremes, the link with opposition to immigration need not be crystal clear. The German National Party (NPD), which has overt neo-Nazi traits, is made up of intellectuals of the extreme right and habitués of the skinhead and Rammstein hard-rock move­ments of the 1990s. The NPD took a dozen seats in the parliament of (formerly East German) Saxony in 2004 on a program that mixes neo­Nazism and neo-Communism. (The NPD has sometimes cam­paigned in alliance with the similarly disposed German People’s Union [DVU]; the name it took sometimes depended on the state in which it ran.  Bavarian-born Karl Richter, the most eloquent of the NPD’s members in the Saxon parliament, has expressed admiration for ex—Social Democrat Oskar Lafontaine, now a leader of the Left Party, which draws on the heritage and membership of the former East Ger­man state Communist party, the SED. The party communicates with its followers via rock music CDs featuring groups with names like “The Power of Capital.” Sixteen percent of kids under eighteen said they would vote NPD if they could.

So for you Nazis out there who see the Jews behind Communism, please explain this  alliance between Nazis and Communists.  In fact, while you are at it, explain why the Germans in WWI released Vladimir Lenin, godfather of Communism,  to cause trouble in Russia.  Or why such a substantial number of Germans voted for the Communists at the time that Hitler came to power.

In a recent news item by Gadi Adelman we have the following:

This past Friday in Denmark, there was a protest rally held in Frederick Square to object to the mosque in Aalborg. The protest was organized by the founder of SIAD/SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Denmark/Stop the Islamization of Europe) Anders Gravers. The reason for the protest was because the mosque’s imam, Mustafa Abdullah Aden, preaches to his congregation that “genital mutilation is the best thing for women.”

Unbeknownst to Anders Gravers and other members of SIAD and SIOE, the group in which they were marching had been infiltrated by members of the Nazi and Communist Parties and, during the march, Anders was beaten to the ground.

According to news reports, “This was the first time we saw all three anti-democratic ideologies working together in Denmark.”

Source( May 24, 2010 http://www.familysecuritymatters.org )

Now of course alliances like these could be alliances of convenience.   The Nazis, Communists, and Islamists all want to overthrow the democracy and put something totally opposed in its place.  In WWII, Germany and Soviet Russia formed an alliance for a while against the West, for instance dividing Poland between them.  Germany eventually turned on Russia and invaded it.  Nonetheless, without Germany launching WWI and WWII, Communism might not have captured Eastern Europe, and maybe not even Russia.

Hitler liked to talk about “Jewish Bolsheviks”, but consider that Chinese Communists controlled China (and have never given up power either).  Last I heard, China is not Jewish.

The Nazis liked to spread the idea that the Jews somehow controlled the world, but then the Nazis went ahead and tried to control the world themselves – including killing millions of Jews and Slavs and other untermenschen .

“Jewwatch” (May 2010) tries to link Jews and Homosexual behavior.  So going on the offensive again, consider the following info from the online book “The Pink Swastika”.

It was a quiet night in Munich.  The people moving along the streets in the heart of the city were grim.  They walked heads down, hands deep in the pockets of their frayed coats.  All around, the spirit of defeat hung like a pall in the evening air; it was etched on the faces of the out-of-work soldiers on every street corner and in every café.  Germany had been defeated in the war, but it had been crushed by the terms of the Versailles Treaty.  Everywhere the people were still mired in depression and despair, several  years after the humiliating surrender of Kaiser Wilhelm.
In this atmosphere the purposeful stride of Captain Ernst Roehm seemed out of place.  But Roehm was accustomed to being different.  A homosexual with a taste for boys, Roehm was part of a growing subculture in Germany which fancied itself a superior form of German manhood.  A large, heavy man, Roehm had been a professional soldier since 1906, and, after the war, had temporarily lent his talents to a socialist terror organization called the Iron Fist.  On this night Roehm was on his way to meet some associates who had formed a much more powerful socialist organization.
At the door of the Bratwurstgloeckl, a tavern frequented by homosexual roughnecks and bully-boys, Roehm turned in and joined the handful of sexual deviants and occultists who were celebrating the success of a new campaign of terror.  Their organization, once known as the German Worker’s Party, was now called the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, The National Socialist German Worker’s Party — the Nazis.    Yes, the Nazis met in a “gay” bar.

Now it is true that Hitler eventually killed Roehm and that the Nazis eventually put some homosexuals in concentration camps.  However, judging from this online book, there were quite a few Nazi Homosexuals at the beginning.

Anyway, there is quite a lot more I could dig up on Nazis, if I had to.  Not to mention murdering, torturing, starving people to death, burning people alive, and lying to their own citizens.
Perhaps the author of “jewwatch.com” could digest this.  I am not knowledgeable about his material – so I can’t evaluate it too well, though I remember seeing him accuse the Columbine High School murderers as being Jewish, which was an obvious inaccuracy.  One of them had a Jewish mother.  When you attack any group of people for their flaws, a few arrows will hit home.  Every large group of people has bad members, the Jews are no exception.


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