Evil Agendas – Evil Methods

The prison psychiatrist Douglas Kelley observed Nazis in jail and said this about the leading Nazis: “As far as the leaders go, the Hitlers and the Gorings, the Goebbles and all the rest of them were not special types.  Their personality patterns indicate that, while they are not socially desirable individuals, their like could very easily be found in America…They simply had three quite unremarkable characteristics in common–and the opportunity to seize power.  These three characteristics were: overweening ambition, low ethical standards, and a strongly developed nationalism which justified anything done in the name of Germandom.”
Notice that these people had a strong agenda – and low ethical inhibitions.  They were idealists in a way.
Frontpage had an interview with Professor Harvey Klehr  author of the book, The Communist Experience in America: A Political and Social History.
FP asked him: How does it work that people motivated by the highest ideals help to create and perpetuate many of the worst horrors in human history?
Klehr replied: I think, unfortunately, it’s very easy. If your ideals are so wonderful and the only thing standing in the way of realizing them are ignorant and reactionary people, well, they just have to be eliminated –or even sacrificed for the greater good.  If you have persuaded yourself that you know how to end poverty or eliminate racism, why let a bunch of flawed human beings stand in the way?

and the book “The Science Of Good And Evil” – Michael Shermer (p74)


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