Moslem immigrant beats American woman who refused to dance

Jeanette Pryor, in an article “Islamic Calculus” (3/16/2010)  reports: “The other day, a pediatric nurse in New York City refused to dance with Mbarek Lafrem, a Moroccan man, in a New York City bar. What did Lafrem do? He followed her into the women’s bathroom where he attempted to rape and savagely beat her. The woman was found unconscious and is now hospitalized. To a certain kind of man, from a certain kind of culture, women are always supposed to say yes, and when they say no they are provokers and deserve a beating. More: If the woman is a naked-faced infidel and dances with strange men in a public setting—she is, by definition, a prostitute and is not entitled to say no. Saying no is a “provocation” and deserves a beating. Or worse.”

Here you have a very intolerant personality who expects the world to be a certain way, and if it isn’t he takes action, harming an innocent person who has done him no harm.   The “provocation” in this case is refusing a dance.  

On August 28, 2008, a teen tried to shake hands with a person in Saint Paul.  The overture was refused, and so the teen shot the man (Joshua Albert Wilson-Shaw) dead.    This is somewhat different than the case of the Moroccan – but the similarity is that the response to a “provocation” is totally outrageous.  And people have  right not to shake your hand – or dance with you.

I personally knew a case where a person was attacked simply because he “grossed out” someone else.   It can be very dangerous to attract the negative attention of certain people.

One measure of evil is what you define as a “provocation” and how you react to it.


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